TFTB weapons : redeem only once ? once per character ? per pt?

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I just noticed the 4-5 weapons in the shift machine in Concordia that are awarded for having Tales From The Borderlands. The text before redeeming is bizzare, it says the weapons will be of the lvl of the character getting them.

Thus I don’t understand if we only get them once accross all characters, or if each character can get their own, or also if it’s once per playthrough or not.

Thanks in advance if someone can clarify :blush: !

I’m not 100% on this but I’d guess it’s one per account like the Pumpkin Cannon from the Halloween event.

you can check if you have another toon. or start a new one… it would kinda suck if you can only get them once per character. oh and see if you can trade them to a friend!

Once per redemption. So make it count. Whatever level the character is that redeems it, that will be the level of the item. All Shift gear redemptions are done this way.

Oh ok, so better wait til we have a lvl 72 character then right ?

yah 70 it is.

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Well yeah, it’s like BL1 is lvl 73 and BL2 is lvl 72 max, so yeah TPS had to be different as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so yeah 70 is all I meant all along…

Bl1 maxed out at 69…

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Well LOL sorry i don’t know my classics :laughing: !!!
My Lilith toon is only lvl 64 I think…
Last time I checked a skill tree tool on some site it allowed lvl 73 for BL1…

Oh well my bad.


In BL1 you get 4 extra skill points from completing the Moxxi and Claptrap DLCs in both playthroughs for a total of 68 skill points, hence the level 73.

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I’m pretty sure it’s once per account. I’ll check the next time I’m on.

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