(TG) Tactical Gaming Recruiting! [1500+ Members] [15+ Games Supported]


Do you want to join a fun and competitive clan? Looking for a well-organized, established group of gamers? Look no further than Tactical Gaming. We have over 2000+ members across the globe and support XB1, PC, PS4, and Mobile for over 15+ Games.

15+ and mature attitude
Computer/Tablet/Phone to sign up
Speak and understand English


Tactical Gaming was founded in 2004 to bring like-minded gamers together. We are both competitive and recreational and have something for everyone. Tactical Gaming consists of active gamers by having mandatory and optional practices. Bare in mind, we have a “real life first” mindset.
While we do have over 2000 members, you get assigned to a small squad with 8-11 other people and - I speak from experience - these people will become your good friends. Most of them will be online often, and you will have opportunities to meet players in other squads too!

We have 2 main squad timezones that have mandatory practices on Wednesdays and Sundays at the following times:

Western Hemisphere (US/CAN) 8pm to 10pm / 2000-2200 EST (PS4, PC, and XB1)
Eastern Hemisphere (UK/EU/ZA) 7:30-9:30pm / 1930-2130 GMT+1 (PS4, PC, and XB1

Click Here to Apply: https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/refer/60379/

When you join you need to put:
Division: Borderlands 3
Brigade: (your platform)
Battalion: 1st Battalion is the Western Hemisphere (US/CAN), while 2nd Battalion is the Eastern Hemisphere (UK/EU/ZA).

We support all countries, we just ask that you can speak and understand English.


Ask here in the forum or contact us via Xbox Live. Gamertag for contact is “LS x Swagger”.
More info:
Head Quarters: [http://www.TacticalGaming.net]

About us: [https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/faq_and_links.html/frequently-asked-questions/public-frequently-asked-…]
Why join us: [https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/faq_and_links.html/frequently-asked-questions/public-frequently-asked-…]

lol what does practice mean? do we have to farm graveward 10 times a day amd have our moms sign off on our sheet?

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