Thank the universe for truxican wrestlers

Not really tales from the borderlands but a tale from them as in borderlands 3. Super fantastic job. I love the random way that stark is used … like random qualities of a set of weapons types. Stark is my last name. And that kind of speaks to my empathy talent for what i got going on in life. The way you use the tinks throughout the game is therapeutic for me because my x wife got knocked up by a little person while i was in Iraq. It’s awesome . The last boss in carnivora is awesome saying get bent . I’m a bentgenius. It pops up in ways particularly interesting to me. I’m pretty sure though it was the xbox updates timing that showed people the key glitch. At least that’s how i experienced it. I thank you for the therapeutic salve that is more fun than searching for them on prior games. I’m sure it’s reading in and random placed or Randy pitchford checked out things I talk about on my Twitter and Facebook during times i was fortunate enough to recieve reply. Pretty sure its the former. But congratulations for making such a wonderful testament to humanity. I am a disabled guy and have nothing but time and you have enriched it with activity.