Thank you, Battleborn Forums!

Hey everyone -

In just a few hours, Battleborn is live for the entire world. As I’ve been telling the folks at Gearbox over the last month, “I’m feeling ALL the feels.”

I’ve worked on Battleborn for just under four years now. I’ve had a blast playing with the community in the CTT, Open Beta, and the Early Access. I’ve gotten to travel all over to show people the game, and introduce new players to this weird, wonderful thing we’ve crafted.

Before this thing launches, I just wanted to take a moment here on the Battleborn Forums and say…


A couple of years ago, we opened this place. There were like twelve of you. And all you had to go on was a strange trailer and a cover story on Game Informer with tantalizingly few details.

But you came.

And we talked. You asked questions. I answered everything I could. (And probably a few things I shouldn’t have!)

Battleborn was built for players. It’s a game about characters, but FOR PLAYERS.

Battleborn isn’t Battleborn without a community.

You guys were the first.

So, before we grow our little happy family into a big, loud, noisy, happy family here…
… before we know all the outcomes of what the game will be when the world jumps in…
… before it’s a success or a failure…

… I just wanted you all to hear from me one last time, this side of launch.

Thank you.

It’s been a great ride thus far, and I hope this is just the beginning.

  • Randy Varnell
  • Creative Director: Battleborn
  • Gearbox Software

We love you too! :heart: Thanks for all devs hard work and for all the nerves and heartblood spend, that got us to play another GBX-masterpiece!

Theres still that big Miko wallclock, waiting for you btw :wink:


Thanks for having us! And for giving us something to shoot eachother in!


Thanks to you guys. For Battleborn, for Borderlands, and for every minute of fun, challenge and mental runaway. past, present and future.

few games give us so memorable characters they become a part of us.

so, being from hours from launch i can only say, this is one of those moments, so, CATCHARIIIIDDDEEEEE!!!

I would quote Boldur, but Boldur is bad at jokes.


No seriously, thank YOU!

This is the first forum I’ve joined in relation to a game/gaming company…
Battleborn was my first ever beta…
Battleborn was my first time playing online with other players…

So thanks for contributing to a whole bunch of firsts in my life… And I’m sure they won’t be the last.

Can’t wait to pick up my preordered copy tomorrow (envious of those with digital or early arrived preorders whom can play it at midnight) and experience everything the full release has to offer… Gonna love it, and of course love y’all! :two_hearts:


nothing say “i love you” like a point blank shotgun in the face. BAM, the feelz.


Nonononono, thank YOU!


Thank you for the opportunity to say thank you


Thank you!

If you guys get a sec, could you have someone check with Valve? The times they are showing for when the game unlocks differs from what you have announced.

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Battleborn will be great. (We still want Borderlands 3 as well. :wink:)


Thank you for the time and effort that you and the rest of the team have put into Battleborn. It is a fantastic game. I hope all the hard work pays off and Battleborn receives the success that it deserves. :slight_smile:


This game is going to be fantastic for all the right reasons. I hope you all at GBX continue to listen and hear us, the community, and stay involved. Do you think any of you will hold some PS4 play nights? That would be really cool if you guys would hold invites to maybe 1 campaign run a night with your devoted community!!

Thanks again for the game! It’s a work of art and has already given some of us that hope back that a NEW IP can give joy once again.


@Jythri Thank you for all your time, guidance, and that we could make fun of you :wink: It’s awesome that you got on the forums with us and engaged with the community. The early speculation days had there fun moments, didn’t suspect some of my predictions actually came true. From pixel counting the Game Informer images to checking the trailers frame by frame. But also analyzing the “hints” in your forum posts in search for a midden message.

Battleborn has not just been a great opportunity for you but also for me. You stept from BL2 Design Producer to BB Creative Director and i stept up my game from Borderlands wallpapers site to Battleborn’s “biggest” info site. This is just one example of the people you already inspired. I’m glad that through this common passion i got to meet you in person.

Battleborn is a wonderful game and thank you Gearbox Software, 2K Games and everyone else who worked on the game. Battleborn is a game about life, you invested a lot of yours into making it and it brought a lot of joy to mine.

Exclusive offer, only available on Gamescom 2016 at the 2K Booth :wink:


Thanks for the head-up @Mentalmars :smiley:
I will try my very very best to show up there, but my budget is so darn tight this year, still paying off my Dads funeral…

Presuming you go to Gamescom, if I cannot make it personally, would it be possible to entrust you with the quest to take it along with you and give it to @Jythri ? It would be amazingly crazy.
(I´d post it to you along with a reallife-quest-reward :heart: )


I’m not saying thank you before I get Alani :stuck_out_tongue: .
But you’re welcome anyway x) ! (what , what do you mean the thanks were not directed toward me!? xD )

The launch of a PvP game like this is only the beginning though. Failure or not isn’t going to be decided any time soon ImO :].
The only difference is that after launch, success will not only be in the hands of the GBX anymore, but will also depends of the community side as well.

Crossing fingers here.


Just wanted to chip in and echo those thanks, but from the moderators. We’re a great community here, and that’s down to you guys.

You’ve been polite, helpful, considerate, witty, and kind to newcomers and old hands alike. You’ve given solid feedback and had meaningful discussion without spilling over into flamewars. You make our job easier.

On release, there’ll be an influx of new folks: Please, continue to be excellent examples of ‘how to forum’ for the new guys!

Thank You.


Thank you for bringing us such an amazing game! Looking forward to what I’m sure will be a stellar future!


And tx for presenting us all with the opportunity - thru the CTT and the BOB and perhaps most importantly thru this forum - to interact with GBX during the development and for watching, listening and responding.

The delay from Februrary, 9, this year to tomorrow was at the time not the most stoking move … but in the end, the ultimate sign from you to us that we - and not just our money - matter to GBX.


Work isn’t going to be too happy about this, neither will my wife but thank you just the same!


Get us in there Coach!

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