Thank you for Fl4k

Thank you for Fl4k.

I’m still at the early game stages but things feel pretty awesome so far.

I will be back to post specifics when I am further along.

EDIT: As of this update I am at level 30, but I’m really happy with Fl4k as one of the four new vault hunters…

I am so very much impressed by this game as a whole guys… I’m beyond happy to have this. SO SUPER THANKS!!

I can’t even unpack the gratitude I feel for what this game is to me yet…

I have a ways to go yet but damnit you guys… You frickin nailed it in so many ways…

Not just with Fl4k but with what I am glimpsing of the overall design philosophy… I am so RELIEVED that you guys get it… What we all wanted with borderlands…

Sorry for getting off topic but I had to vent some of this appreciation…


Gotta agree with you. I like FL4K for a lot of reasons.
-I was terribly fond of 1340 (remember the entity in B2 that ended up as a shield or a gun? Heck, I’ve had in as a character in my fanfic)
-I always thought that part near the Threshers where the Hyperion female voice-over was telling robots that they would be destroyed if they developed self-awareness was sad; and I found my self hoping that any that did develop self awareness escaped.

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Specially in Co-op where it is hard for teammates to see you in FFYL, good ole Jabbers got my back almost every time!

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