Thank you for making Alani! I love her!

Dear Gearbox,

I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome character! I was exited when I first saw her teased a couple of months ago and you delivered more than I expected.
I never thought I’d like a support character, my play style is much more on the offensive - clearing a path through the enemy to the goal. But when I played Alani for the first time I was surprised by the satisfaction I got from supporting my team. I really like the combo of attack and healing with her, it’s something I’d like to see much more of in other games.
Her personality is hilarious too, I really like how desperate she is to make friends in a dying universe etc.
Alani’s gameplay is amazing! In games I find myself single handedly holding off the opposition while my team respawn! I can’t put into words how much I love her - I think I can say that she’s my favourite Battleborn, which is something when there are 25 other awesome badasses to choose from.
My one complaint is that I seem to be addicted to her. When it comes to the selection screen I’m like ‘OK, you were Alani last time, it’s time to be someone else. Ooh! Oscar Mike! Haven’t been him in a while… Damn it I’m going with Alani again!’

So thank you Gearbox, for making such an amazing, addictive character and thank you for such an awesome game filled with such rich and unique characters, they are all amazing in completely different ways and I look forward to meeting the next 4 badasses!

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Well said sir.

Alan is quite remarkable.

See ya on the battlefield, hopefully on my team.

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So long as you let me be Alani :wink: