Thank you for mayhem 11

i mean, it was kinda unavoidable to give this mode to us
so thank you GBX
but i still think that the whole mayhem scaling thing is a mistake to continue on and it’s also harder to balance for you guys^^ (K6 1 hitting everything with melee attacks right now)
it would still make it easier if you just increased enemies with mayhem and just cut the gear mayhem levels, the skill scaling and anything else that increases player damage
you really do have enough skills, stats, synergies to increase your damage by a ton, even without mayhem scaling
if you keep the scaling you will have to continue adding enemy scaling anyway because people are 1 hitting everything on mayhem 10 and are asking for more difficulty

if weapons are not scaling, none actually “needs” to reach mayhem 10 in order to acquire “endgame gear”
gear would be the same on all mayhem levels and everyone could play where they feel comfortable and not just push to mayhem 10(11) because it’s the only thing that matters


Gearbox : “Aaaay lmao dw last level cap increase for a looooong time, we don’t plan on increase it again”

Also Gearbox : “We said nothing about Mayhem levels though, so here’s another one so you can boot our game more and farm gear again ;)”

At this point I just gave up with them.


mayhem 11 will still drop mayhem 10 gear afaik
so i am really just thankful for this mod
its just simply not enough


Yeah M11 drops M10 gear.


M11? I give it 2 days top before everything is dead again including raid bosses :rofl:

lol… Mayhem 11? I have missed this altogether.


I’m all for it. If I want to run a wacky drunk game with crazy modifiers, I still can.

But this will be a gift out of heaven for me personally, since my pc is barely handling all the visual polution that going on atm, with skulls included.

I don’t really hate modifiers, I just want to play without them from time to time.


Oh, my bad then, my complete bad. Gonna leave my com so people don’t do the same mistake I did.

I still think its absolutely not the solution to make the game better and harder. Removing mayhem scaling with some bs skills (skag den, ties that bind) would already be a better choice. Making the game less about anoints too would be great. But I don’t think it will happen.


It’s the same as M10, but without modifiers and half the reward bonus values.

(Also it’s not part of the upcoming DLC, it’ll be part of the upcoming patch that everyone gets.)


and dedicated drops are not effected

lazydata’s video on it as ref

So yeah, win win

Edit: basicly will effect world drops the most

Edit2: for anyone out of the blue, this is a good video about it:

Click me



ah ok thanks, it’s more like vanilla game mayhem then, I was wondering if it was yet another life increase

This is cool, but would still be ideal to let us choose our modifiers at M10 and below. We’re doing it already anyway, just takes time.


While this is acceptable for people like me who only play M10, it’s not what we were asking for. Giving this privilege only to M10 players is a slap in the face to everyone else.

Modifiers should have been completely decoupled from Mayhem level. Just give us four slots to allocate any way we want. If someone wants to play M1 with 4 hard modifiers, let them! If someone wants to play M8 with 3 easy modifiers, let them! If someone wants to play with no modifiers on any Mayhem level, let them!


So Mayhem 11 is just Mayhem 10 with no crazy modifiers and less rewards? Or did hp/armor/shield values go up again? At work, so can’t watch videos.


What you’re asking for is a lot harder to implement. “Just” is doing a lot of work here.


It says that it’s Mayhem 10 difficulty but with no modifiers so I think it means nothing changes in terms of enemy health/shields/armor


As an m10 player thats nice, but what about m9 and below? hope we can get a more modular system down the line, but ill take it for now


only sad thing is i will have to go back to using anointed gear and meta but hell i will take it


So M11 gear and M10 gear will have damage equivalencies? Or will M11 have higher actual values?