Thank you for the date for the Winter Update

Just wanted to say thanks. We’ve all been so anxious to know.


When is it? I missed the post

It was in yesterday’s stream, January 19.

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Yes!!! No more carrot dangling! I just hope it is enough to bring back some players who moved on to play other games. I cant wait to see the balance changes.

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For those who missed the Beatrix reveal stream, here is a link:

[] (



Also Beatrix and OMs battleschool. All in one day.

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I think I’ll have to pack a lunch.

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I myself like I might be coming down with a week-long-sedentary virus. future cough

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Kevin P really did a great job in this. :+1:

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Yes, a hearty thank you!

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I agree

Did they release the patch notes yet?

Haven’t seen any info about them. Maybe in Thursday’s Battleplan.

So everything comes out on the 19th?

Everything but the last two DLCs, and the inevitable skins/taunts to be added in future patches.

Damn… i was hoping for earlier. :cry: