Thank you GBX for the Incursion Balance, the matches are close now!

Hey guys

after mere 100 hours before this week’s big patch played, Incursion was either an early win, an early surrender or an early loss. I play mostly with 2-4 friends, and when we got behind, nothing we did could turn the tides of war, unless 1-2 people from the enemy team decided to disconnect or do w/e yolo-stuff they had in mind.

Fast forward to after the patch.

We get matched with appropriate enemies (in Command Rank and in skill / behaviour) and the battle goes forth and back. The new ledge enhances the intensity, new Thrall mechanics catch me still sometimes, denying me an ult or an ability, sometimes I catch unsuspecting enemies too, midair. We push their sentry, but get killed mostly in the process, they re-push and take ours instead. Score is 50 - 95. We still manage to comeback and it’s 50-50 after a good 12 minutes into the match. The pressure of both teams intensifies for mid-area dominance, twin-thralls enable epic teamfights too. All players are levelled evenly around 9/10, focssing priority targets lets us push past their accelerator, yet we don’t get to the sentry entirely. Enemy Rath sneaks into our back from the mid and scores a triplekill, enemies push immediately and take down our sentry to 11 health, so we face a 11-50. We respawn just in time for a sweep and push with all enemies dead, thralls engaged and bots deployed. We destroy the enemy sentry thanks to a shepherd bot that keeps the shields up right in time when the enemy team exits spawn. Taunts at sentry-position from both sides, what a match. 11-0 is the final score.

Imagine, I played like over 100 Incursion games. This game awarded me the “win by small margins” the very first time since launch. The. first. time.

And the feeling to win this epic battle in this manner really makes up for any shallow taste I may have had.

Thanks for putting all the effort in, I think even if we lost the match you from GBX would have still saved the game!

I agree. The match quality has been excellent since the last update. Good job GBX.