Thank you Gearbox <3

I’ve just finished the Homeworld 1 Remastered campaign, and it was as beautiful as ever.
Playing the campaign returned the feelings & nostalgia from the classic homeworld 1 and it was worth it.

Granted, there where a few glitches & bugs there but I was really able to overlook it by how the campaign was delivered once more.

What I love about the HW1 Campaign is… You’re not fighting a pointless war. You’re fighting to prevent the extinction of your species and the survival of your race which are seeking to take revenge on the persons responsible for destroying Kharak and the re-claiming of Hiigara.

Bearing this in mind, Gearbox delivered solid work in every aspect possible, Gearbox preserved the original feeling… From the sad loss of Kharak, and temporary losing Karan S’jet to re-claiming Hiigara and setting your race free once more.
Therefor. You have my eternal gratitude.

Thank you Gearbox and the involved developer, thank you so much.

Miss Heartfire <3


Man that cut scene on mission 3 was even more powerful as you could see the destruction in so much more detail than before. Made you really want to hunt down that fleet. I agree with you on the setting, everything you feel is meaningful, and there really is a true sense of desperation as you’re out on the fringe constantly facing the unknown. The resources aren’t plentiful (Unless you ran into the insane RU bug at mission 4) You gotta choose whether you want to steal or destroy some of the enemies ships, on my first play through I took as many as I could, because I knew the resources were scarce.

Every decision you make is actually quite important, and will reflect on how you progress through the game, It’s got that rogue like feeling to it, that’s what I personally love about the first campaign. There really is no other game like Homeworld =p I’m still amazed at how this game looks, the visuals for both the Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 factions are amazing. Personally I don’t think there is a better way to remaster Homeworld 1 than what Gearbox did, with the input from the original team. Those ships can’t possibly improve any more than they have, there just isn’t a better way to do them, if you try to make it too realistic it won’t feel like Homeworld. Though I’m sure quite a few people will disagree here, Those models are just amazing 10/10. I can’t see of where any improvements should be made to the Homeworld 1 ships.

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So my first HW1 play through I skipped the cut scene in m03 after you capture the assault frig because hay, I’ve already seen it like a 100 times right?

My 2nd play through I decided to actually sit through it and wow I got chills down my spine as I saw the firestorm move down from the north poles. That was amazing!

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Yeah, the new cutscenes are practically a new experience, allowing you to see a lot of things in more detail, perhaps things you might have not noticed before, I have to start over after hitting the RU bug, want to play it again properly like I did the first time. I was thinking of doing a no salvage run, pure raw Kushan fury storming across the galaxy =D

It is totally worth it! My 2nd play through was no salvage and I had some amazing fights before I could mass my destroyer fleet. Diamond shoals was a particularly frantic race to get destroyers out. And nova station was tough

I also got to see my very first Kushan HC ever lol.

Haha nice, I love the new details on the Kushan HC, the Kushan look so amazing now I actually play them more often instead of Taiidan, even though I mainly stick to Taiidan, those beautiful fiery Ion beams of death, so much fun to watch the Avatar HC fire off those beams in different directions. I looked over at the base texturing on the HC, I noticed that the engines don’t look as clean as they did in the original, like there’s a bit of grit on the engine bay, it’s a nice touch and makes it seem like the Kushan are really just using whatever they have at their disposal to make these ships.

I get that same feeling with the carrier, and destroyers too. I wonder if Arioch will update his Homeworld shipyards with Homeworld remastered shots, I’d gladly provide pics in that regard.

And gearbox, if you’re reading this, please allow us to have custom colors for the Homeworld 2 campaign, that is my one request campaign wise.

Thanks for your kind words, @MissHeartfire! I’ve passed this along to the team and know they’ll appreciate it greatly!

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