Thank you Gearbox for continued support

I am posting this just to say thank you to gearbox for continued support on bl2 I only got it this year and enjoying the heck out of it.

Thank you again gearbox


That was my reaction too, before I learned that this patch broke more than it fixed. The Kunai nerf alone is enough for me to wish to revert the game to the state it was before it was patched. It just reeks of so much incompetence, it seriously makes me question if Gearbox deserves my loyalty as a customer for future games.

Something about the game’s coding makes it that when they fix one thing, something else breaks. Like when they changed Vermi to drop something from his loot pool about a early last year, it ended up making Vorac nearly unkillable. Stuff always breaks with this game’s patching, it’s not incompentance on the dev’s part, it’s something about the UE3 engine I think.

Also, kunai has not been nerfed, it is working as originally intended with a %20 debuff, says it right in the skill description. They originally broke it when they tried fixing it the first time and made applying death mark to multiple targets impossible, now we can.

Maybe but my point is after 3 years there is patching for the game.

At release, Kunai stacked up to 16x (with four assassins). They then patched it, down to only one deathmark in the game at a time. Due to community wishes, it was then reinstated in its former stacking glory, with a cap of 80% (4 kunai) in all modes. This most recent change seems to have been an attempt to make that most recent fix permanent gone terribly awry.

Never played with assassin so I wouldn’t know. Has any else experienced lower drops from loot midgets. I have noticed farming last night they drop less etech relics?