Thank you Gearbox for FULL WINDOW MODE!

Best addition to HW:R so far!!! Now I can alt-tab like a mofo!

o.o err whut? i alt tab in full screen

But is there borderless? Cause this doesn’t help me D:


Doesn’t just going old school full screen eat up less CPU power than windows running a game? I always thought so and actually used to notice the difference. So if you run the game in windows mode so large that the border actually goes away then why not just run full screen mode? You can still Alt Tab anyway.

Because when I tab out I cant see the game any more. I have 3 screens and I wanna tab out and still see what HW is doing while I’m out.

That and it is a bit jarring when the game has to relinquish control of the screen back to windows, which flashes all my screens to black for a second.


How are you getting into a proper full-screen window? Every time I shift to windowed, it’s a bloody off-centered mess with no ability to nudge it into place properly.

So much this. Where is Windowed Fullscreen? :C