Thank you Gearbox for the option to turn off Guardian ranks

While some might say “it should have been here at release in the first place”, i still want to thank you for doing it (i lost hope tbh).
It was keeping me from playing more since some perks are game breaking when you start fresh. Being able to activate perks separately opens up the build chasing (or challenge chasing) so much.
Now bring us new vault hunters ! Eventually… p l e a s e.


Yeah, it’s one thing to make them toggle-able, but to be able to individually toggle them was a pleasant surprise.


Not going to use that until drop rates are fixed. Seems not logic for me to search for more Challenge when im farming when farming sucks.

100% support the OP’s statement. I am a big fan of the individually toggle-able GR.

I have not played with it yet to see if it helps address the issue, but I am hopeful that the ability to toggle off GR perks (specifically Hollow Point) will help make the Stackbot COM usable.

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