Thank You, Gearbox, For The Warfare Insanity!

Well, having just spent the majority of my weekend playing approximately 40 hours of Battleborn, of which about 85 percent was Warfare Rumble, I have to say…

…it was a long, strange, fun trip!

As I have mentioned in other posts, I was Mister Assist for so long (very close to 30,000 assists right now!) that, now that my Angel of Death is FINALLY almost there (I’m soooooo close), it was a LOT of fun playing SHAYNE & Aurox, Marquis, and, mainly, my main man Ernest, and getting, on average, a LOT more kills than I normally do.

I don’t taunt and really try not to be an a**hole about it, but I have gotten pretty kill hungry lately.

To put things in perspective, I was just under 900 kills away from Angel of Death FRIDAY afternoon, now I only need 218 more.

Just now, I played from 10 am til midnight, 14 hours, only Ernest, only Warfare.

ERNEST is straight up BROKEN in Warfare Rumble.

His grenades and charge packs, at close-to-mid-range, can 1 to 2 shot ANYTHING or ANYONE, minus Sentries, and they only take 3-4 hits for their Shield and 2-4 hits for main health.

Direct Hit damage was commonly 10-13,000.

Yes, OVER 9000!

By the end of it, ie, most of Sunday, the established “broken meta characters” seemed to be ERNEST, Pendles, Deande, S&A, Marquis, Whiskey, OSCAR, and, to a lesser extent, ISIC and TOBY.

Ultimate sniper from high spots Marquis, always-know-just-when-to-strike Pendles / Deande / S&A / OSCAR and 1-2 hit kill grenade wall of death Ernests were in almost every match.

The number of less experienced teams also dropped off pretty steeply as the weekend went on, so there were a LOT of tough, tedious matches.

But I had a LOT of fun and laughs, even if it felt pretty sadomasochistic at times!

As usual, having skilled, kind, cool and funny team mates helped tremendously!

Thank you @codarik @viraforti @baconater (Hope that’s the right BACONATOR!) and everyone else who played with me that my fried mind is forgetting about!

So again, Gearbox, you have yet to disappoint me with your wacky, zany special modes, please keep them coming!

@joekgbx @jythri @dante_d_silva @SirWalrusCrow @loving-hatred


I hereby formally dedicate my Warfare Weekend With ERNEST to @Slif_One and his legendary sleepless Bird Hunt Weekend as Benny.


Glad some people had fun with it. I would’ve hated it but if it kept some people around and brought new people to the game, bravo gearbox.




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I know that I said I didn’t like this mode to begin with, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun the other night, playing with you @FlamesForAll and your Ernest. It was hilarious. xD

I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go though. I miss my Quick Match all too much. =P

Yes it will be nice having QM again!

Anyone i played with that I forgot to mention please post here!

I condone everything in this post except for the 40 hours… Is that all? :stuck_out_tongue: You’ve got a ways to go before you reach the level of Demz and I lol. Shame I missed it, next one eh?!

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What’s you guys’ record?

@slif_one @deande

Sleepless three days with breaks and many energy drinks consumed, hours uncounted (but I slept for nearly 24 hours after). You did 40 hours in a weekend, I did 40 straight during open beta and again during Bird Hunt :stuck_out_tongue: Probably not something to be proud of, but eh it’s a bragging point in my life LOL.

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■■■■ man you’re a machine!


I’m a sad loser, but that makes me popular in the gaming community :joy:

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You’re certainly an outspoken, polarizing character!

Never change!


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In reference to your Angel of Death chase:

I’m not going to lie… it does bug me a little just how meaningless the achievement titles in BB are. I know, I know, most of them are stompy and never meant much anyway, but the ease of grinding titles has definitely ramped up in these twilight hours.

For me the silliest thing is that Team Mated and Old Man Cranky are automatic if you get a Snowblind bots battle, because most of the AI get stuck in the map and never reach any of the points :stuck_out_tongue:

I still remember when we were all hopeful for a leaderboard system…


Oh yeah? I’ve spent 20× more time impersonating the most pathetic character from Battleborn on these forums, than i have actually playing the game.

Add in the fact that i’m slowly losing parts of my identity to Toby BECAUSE of the constant role-playing, and clearly i am the bigger loser!

I mean… You’re not MAD, right? It’s okay; you’ll do better next time! Please don’t hate me…


Still only ever done one bots battle!

Got my TOBY “2 kills with his ultimate” lore.

Angel of Death is a lot of work for ANYONE, though, I am proud of myself!



We love you, Tobester!


I was very close to Angel of Death… but more than half of those kills were on Mellka alone, so it’s more like Eldrid of Death :wink:

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@Nemosis327 got 10,000 with just Deande!

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How many of those were red bar kills? :smirk:

edit: this sounds snarkier than it is… Nemo and I have had lively discussions about red bar games being the true test of character loyalty, haha

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Hahaha, indeed.