Thank you Gearbox! From everyone who won't say thanks

Thank you for changing matchmaking back to normal. I love the game. Don’t know why it has a bad rap. I have a feeling it will catch on though. I try to spread the word. Can’t wait for BL3. My wife and I will have 150+hours clocked in in less than a month!


I am very glad too that the MM is back to how it was. Playing on PS4 and having a blast again

Add me if you want mainly play capture with the occasional incursion, typically with a party don’t lose much but just play for fun.

where are you from I am from Europe so I mostly play in the evening time GMT+1

my psn is spatz-rs if you wanna add me

I’ll add you i usually play Like mid night to 4am but on throughout the day too, just sent you one.