Thank You Gearbox! Moze Mains are very happy!

Thanks to today’s changes to Iron Bear damage and the buff to Short Fuse, Moze finally feels as powerful and fun as the other Vault Hunters!

I finally feel like I want to get into Iron Bear and use it without feeling like I am doing no damage. I also feel like the damage increase is perfect making it even viable for the Guardian Takedown.

Short Fuse feels very satisfying and makes Moze’s pool of weapons way bigger allowing her to use a lot of different setups without having to rely on the top tier guns.

I hope all these values remain unchanged since this is the most fun I have ever had in this game! Thank you Gearbox!


Fun detected…

gbox collating beta testers comments…

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Please don’t even xV

i think i will finally settle to a rocketeer build now
iron bear outdamages me :x

Hmmm. I haven’t noticed “short fuse”.

Yeah I am really happy too.
Thank you so much Gearbox <3
I feel very powerful inside Iron Bear now. Giant Titanfall mech coming up baby!

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Yea, it’s pretty crazy actually. I went to my moze to see how the updates affected her now and was blown away - pun intended haha.

I was honestly super surprised how good she is now and all I had were some so so lv57 mayhem 10 weapons.