Thank you gearbox, my life is complete again

firstly, hi everyone, some of the old school here may recognise my name ( #arrogant :wink: ) as i have been around since the days of borderlands 1.

its been a while since i have had a game that i am genuinely driven and motivated to play, a game that i look forward to getting onto, but here it is.

i`ve been reading the many negative posts so just thought i would inject some positivity, perhaps as balance. the game is fabulous, more borderlands with some great quality of life improvements, new and interesting gear and new skill trees to explore.the story i found compelling along with that tongue in cheek humour and stabs at popular culture.

i feel its a dam hard job the devs must have, finding that balance of difficulty and reward to keep everyone happy, from the bahroo pro types at one end to the casual folks with kids and a job at the other. all i will say is that historically the community has been supportive and helpful both in trade and physical help with that boss thats been a thorn in your side and i hope that ethos continues.

i for one am looking forward to the next year (and beyond) of content. its like being home again :slight_smile:


I remember you…

not sure if thats good or bad haha.

hope you are well bud.

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It’s good, I’m sure! I’m all fine, thanks.

(Pssst. Gearbox put me in the game…the Monocle, Jacobs legendary sniper rifle! How cool is that!!!)

ah, so obvious now you mention it. congratulations on achieving legendary status haha

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Totally agreed, borderlands 2 was my biggest addiction after diablo 2. I discovered some of my favorit content creators because of build videos and i could just never get the game out of my mind. It was too long since i felt that way again but its here now and i am completely re-energized for more lootin and shootin! I am super happy with the game so far and already looking forward to and planning for my next character playthrough… i just hope i can make up my mind between moze and amara haha

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Speaking as someone who divides … most … of my playtime between FL4K and Amara.

Haha i didnt think of that option, thanks!