THANK YOU GEARBOX. Seriously Thank you for Borderlands 3

After continually seeing annoying people complain about the game and go on bitter rants and salty sprees I thought I’d start this post. Thank you Gearbox for making Borderlands 3 the way it is. In an age of Destiny 1 getting rebooted and sold with a 60$ tag on it calling itself Destiny 2. Where games like No Man Sky is getting ongoing game of the year award. Where Bethesda and Bioware and Rare are all trying to create shallow live service games that are shallow empty husks of content wrapped around a plan to pull money from the consumer’s wallet. In an age where Overwatch lootboxes are defended for “only being cosmetics” allowing slimy greedy business tactics used in casinos into our pure innocent video games. Where Blizzard is now shipping a remaster with cosmetic microtransactions, Diablo with microtransactions and now Overwatch 2 while giving the Starcraft FPS the axe.

From shadows of mordor to call of duty we have slimy greedy business men reaching for our wallets and for some reason are lucrative enough to even warrant their very existence! I say thank you cause in an age where games can easily be shipped broken, with empty husks for content and still have people defend them and create entire communities around casino mechanics in a nefarious psychological loop tied to get people addicted, you said “Lets just make an Innocent, pure fun FPS just like we used to and try to make sure the customer feels like they get the better end of the deal”. Thank you for not making twice as many cosmetics and selling half as lootboxes with random emotes and crap that does nothing other than affect how you look. Thank you for not having timed lockout events in which you say “Come back later, we don’t have enough content for you to warrant playing so just come back later to run this 1 activity”. Thank you for allowing pure fun in an action packed FPS RPG Looter that actually excels in all 3 categories. Thank you for having a rich expansive story that is actually cohesive and makes sense in the context of the series.

Thank you for Troy and Tyreen, they don’t get the credit they deserve, I love how they are fake phony narcissistic online personalities that mimic a lot of millenials I see on youtube and the internet. Seriously Gearbox thank you, from the bottom of my heart for not being an ■■■■■■■ company who wants to exploit the stupid ass trends people are going for. Thank you for being unique and offering a completely unique experience from any other damn game on the market, even those who claim to be Looter shooter RPG’s. Even those who have people who work on their games who say they loved WoW and that’s why they put these things in the game, where on the other hand Gearbox being a company who shows TRUE homage to not just WoW but diablo and many other franchises that came before. Thank you for releasing free content as big and expansive as the Maliwan Takedown where other games say “Give us 30 bucks for that, that’s a raid”. Thank you for being cool.

Seriously I’d rather play borderlands 3 over anything right now. It even has me itching to play through 1 and 2 for more depth to the story. It has me trying different builds and different variants of guns than I have in any other looter shooter, even for the borderlands series. I have maxed all 4 hunters to 50 and maxed all guardian perks and I still have enjoyment with this game. I seriously love this game for everything it stands for. I just wanted to gush for a moment cause with how many ■■■■■■■■ there are bitching about the game they all seem to forget how good it really is, and how much worse it can be. Seriously, it is hard to find constructive criticisms in which people are just trying to point to the few flaws in the game without damning it as a whole and talking about how bad it is.

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Also Zane’s Quick Breather still doesn’t work in a game that I paid 60 EUR for. Since launch day. Thank you, Gearbox, seriously.
Ava is making main campaign so cringy that I play on mute whenever I need to level new character and I am honestly ashamed to advice playing this game because of her. Thank you Gearbox, seriously.
Two weeks after being broken the Guardian Ranks still don’t work. Thank you Gearbox, seriously.

markwsellers7, buddy, ‘salt’ that you talk about is a feedback from users that bought this game and put food on tables of this company’s employees. It is a bitter pill that this company need to swallow to improve.


Can’t really tell whether this is hilarious or sad…

Just FYI, there are bugs that have been reported since day 1, like falling off Troy’s arena after the cutcene when you defeat him plays out, that are still present to this day, while instead of fixing stuff, they’re breaking the game apart even further.

Sorry bud… some of us still have standards, but hey, have fun playing your broken game, I guess? You do you.


Really? You couldn’t thank GBX without taking a swipe at an entire generation. I’m tired of this stereotype. Like other stereotypes it is toxic and doesn’t belong.


This is a thing that needs fixing, never once did I say Borderlands 3 was perfect, however I do appreciate Gearbox for being down to earth as ■■■■ and not doing slimy greedy practices to sell their game. Having broken mechanics suck and I’m with ya they need to be fixed, but seriously, has any of the bugs broken the entire experience for you? Oh apparently ava does.

Someone who hates Ava, yet again. Complaining about her being cringy, once again. Real unique thoughts bro. I really don’t mind Ava, I even find some of her lines humorous like her exchange with Clap Trap on Sanctuary.

Uh huh, and where was this bitter pill these other greedy as hell companies needed to swallow? I agree the game needs ironing but being a bitter bitch is still a bitch.

Being an apple polisher child is being a child still, yes.

Good, something you said was unique.

Uhh, sorry but that’s how it is. It isn’t toxic, it fits perfectly. When I watch a younger youtuber you know what I see? Overly hyped animated fake person who is acting like a personality rather than being how they are in real life. Troy and tyreen mimic this perfectly. You might say you’re sick of the stereotype, maybe you fit in the stereotype of a narcissistic fake phony punk who is just wanting an audience to validate you’re existence. Maybe that’s why you didn’t like it.

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I used to believe that it was possible for folks to discuss a game without taking the opportunity to be rude towards other people discussing that game. Something about the internet does weird things to folks who I have to assume are perfectly reasonable, pleasant and polite irl. Go figure.

I still think there’s a remote chance that it could happen. Maybe if y’all read the gorram FORUM RULES or something like that.