Thank you Gearbox!

Amazing game! Gearbox, the only phrase i have is: Bravo! You are the only developer that stand by the rule: if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. It looks gorgeous…it really does. At the moment there is no space RTS that comes close to Homeworld Remastered. Just did a coop game with a friend on the beta MP server: runs great, no glitches. The only glitch was that we battled against two CPU enemy’s on hard and we were wiped of the map. Keep on doing the good work!


Dont worry broh, it will get better.

No worries, i dont worry about it. It was kind of hilarious. We battled against two CPU’s on standard and that was a walk in the park. So with arrogance we started a game against two CPU’s on hard. We thought: piece of cake.
While chatting and laughing on skype we did progressed in the game. Suddenly i saw enemy’s covetettes en some frigates attacking my haversters. So i responded by sending my twenty squad gunship corvettes en bombers. While my squads thinned out the enemy i shouted through skype to my friend: “■■■■■■■! Can’t you do better than that”
I should not have shouted that. Five minutes later a fleet of about ten frigates and five destroyers protected by around thirty squadrons of corvettes headed my way. In a blink of an eye, my corvettes were pulverized. So i send my ten frigates…same happened. We were blown away from the map.
Next time i’ll have more respect for the CPU:smile: