Thank You! Marquis!

Before Battleborn, I used to really hate using Snipers, Playing as Snipers, Or Dealing with Snipers since Halo and Bioshock. When Battleborn came out, there was one day I decided to try out Marquis and I have to say he is now one of my favorite characters in Battleborn. He is such a funny character and I never thought playing as a sniper is so much fun! I will never forget this experience as long as I live! Thank you Battleborn!

Kinda helps Marquis is a Sniper: lots of thing to make his life helpful
You have many BB’s that cannot exist on the same map as him or they’ll get mauled because they are so hard to miss.
His kit heavily rewards body shots such has his mandatory level 5 helix and he has plentiful ways to escape foes or cc them and he pretty much dominates sniper wars or ties them at worse since he has hitscan.

Don’t forget his crazy sense of humor and crazy =p

Even though he is fun to play, I do have to say he is a bit too powerful. I just like him because he plays differently compared to other snipers I played before.