Thank you, Michel!

Don’t know if I’m doing this right in terms of the forum rules, but I had to say my big thanks to Michel Gange for doing an amazing job on giving life to Battleborn. Michel Gagne is going to leave the project after almost 3 years of doing such an amazing FX animation drawings that I got to see in action on the CTT. (=for more about that, check this out:

Good luck on your new adventures, you are truly a Badass! :smiley:


Thanks Remnant, I appreciate the compliment. Battleborn was a blast to work on and for 2.5 year, I dedicated my life to its FX. This was my chance to style and animate the 2D FX on a major triple A game. I took full advantage of it.

The real challenge was integrating the 2D Effects Animation in a real-time, multiple points of view, 3D environment. Working closely with Gearbox VFX team we figured the best approach and developed an amazing pipeline. I hope people will appreciate this aspect of the game, and enjoy the sheer variety of the effects animation.

~ Michel Gagné


@gagneint Oh, people do appreciate it. You do good stuff.


I think this video showcasing the hand drawn effects animation of Battleborn is relevant to this thread. Hope you enjoy it: