Thanks a bunch Gearbox!

The Red Chests are brimming with goodies!


Which red chests got buffed specifically? I’m a bit confused as to what they were talking about in the description for the event.

Considering that on most days any chests aren’t even worth bothering with. This would be a great addition.

I’m running a new mule to Sanctuary and the Red Chest/Chevy Butt overlooking the racetrack had a level 4 Firestorm & a level 5 Infinity. I understand it’s all of them that aren’t quest related. The Dumptruck one had it’s usual blues & greens.

I assume that Red Chest work of the World Drop loot pool?

8 red chests zero love.

I opened 6 rare chests:

1 with no legos
2 with 1 lego
1 with 2 legos
2 with 3 legos!

Definitely a boost here.

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Joined this thread ready to be mad.

… Yes. this is helpful.

Also, you seem like a cool and handsome guy.

except I’m not a guy! :slight_smile:

Then I still think you are a cool and handsome gal, or the appropriate pronoun you choose.

Guy is about as neutral as I get.

Still, yes!

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So i did see a definite difference in loot from chests. I was in the Taz ruins and the red chest half way through gave 2 legendaries consistently 8 times in a row. Then when i moved onto farm the red suit, the NOT RED chest there dropped 1-4 legendaries every single time on 25 runs :smiley:

However sadly, i didn’t even get one red suit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did you do the sidequest for Vaughn in the Carnivora? The reward is a Red Suit.

I did all the side quests before DLC, is it an new side quest? If i had done it already i probably got a non anointed one and trashed it like i do all non anointed gear

Are you on PS4? I have a few extra from when I farmed the Driver. I don’t know if any are anointed though.

Yeah I was initially kind of scoffing at the idea like pffft who cares about red chests?! iM aT tRuE eNdGaMe

Then I opened a few and saw they weren’t playing around. Got a on action skill end +50% corrosive dmg next two magazines Maggie off the one behind Gigamind for instance, on TVHM M4 they are really fun to open.

An all around good hotfix, and I’m really happy gearbox listened and kept the raid options and drop rates that people were requesting.

Edited for clarity, I worded it poorly and made it sound like an elemental rolled Maggie when it’s just an anointed non-elemental Maggie with action skill end corrosive damage bonus.

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Pretty sure Maggie’s don’t have any elemental abilities.

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Maggies can have ASE elemental anointments I believe.

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Yes but they don’t have any elemental abilities (Fire, Corrosive, Shock etc)

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I am on Xbox, but thx

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You have to read between the lines, he means it is a next two mags corrosion dam, it is the only way

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