Thanks for not fixing the formations


Ya’ll had months to fix this but I guess you didn’t give a ■■■■.
Thanks for breaking every aspect of the single player experience that made it challenging and rewarding.

Again, this isn’t Homeworld “Remastered” this is Homeworld - The Gearbox Disaster Edition.

Can I please hear details on the conversation that took place in your office when it was deemed okay to release a remastered version of Homeworld 1 without the original functionality of the formations?

If you can tell me why it was deemed acceptable I’ll stop bringing this issue up all over the internet ( which I have been doing on Reddit, 4chan, and every other forum you could think of) since the day the game launched, and maybe the sales will get a little better. Hell I’ll even delete the slam video on YT that a couple of million people watched.

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So the entirety of Homeworld as a saga boils down to formations? Never mind the rest, campaign, story, unit design, music, atmosphere etc…etc… It’s just formations? Well Gearbox gave you the classic version which you can play with the original formations intact if that’s your main gripe.

The HW2 engine simply cannot support the Ballistic and formation system used in HW1, that’s all there is to it.

And I doubt your youtube video is exactly hurting sales, they already sold around 360k Units, 100k in preorders alone, not bad for a side project.

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They have plans for the formation system. I doubt it’s an easy thing so I guess we’ll have to be patient.
It won’t stay like this forever I don’t think.

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The devs work hard to make a good game, so the least you can be is patient. Anyway, you could try fixing them and see how hard it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit: Closing this thread was for the best.


I can’t see this having any kind of positive effect on anyone. Especially the devs.

Take a look at the forum rules for advice on how to post well.

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