Thanks for releasing Homeworld on!

Just posting a message of thanks to Gearbox for bringing Homeworld to :slight_smile:


what is GOG exactly?

So it’s like another Steam?

More or less. No DRM on any of their games.

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So how does that affect anything? Easier to pirate?

The steam version and GOG version are largely the same from what I can tell - the only differences are the multiplayer server structure and the file paths.

As far as mods go, they’ll work with the GOG version, you’ll just need to get them from ModDB instead of Steam Workshop.

Yes that is true if someone with bad intentions wants to do so, however no DRM also means no hassle with crappy copy protection (securom, starforce etc.) that screws with legal copies of a game and you don’t need an internet connection or client to run your games (yes steam has offline mode, but you need to be online at least once and still need to run the client to play). Furthermore GOG has a fair price policy, so if you pay in a currency that is worth more than the Dollar you get store credit for the amount of discrepancy you pay, unlike steam where you pay the same amount in Euros you pay in Dollars and thus pay more.

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Actually the Steam version is probably easily pirated. (dump the common/steamapps content on a pirate service, I guess.) GOG’s version provides installation files (think of a game on CD or DVD) so you can install it without the need for a client or internet connection (though the Galaxy client is needed for multiplayer), so that does make it more easily pirated, but it also makes it easier for the person who legally bought the game to back up the game or play offline.

I’m mainly glad that Gearbox didn’t feel some kind of loyalty to Steam (which is a great service but extremely dominating, of course), and is willing to bring their games to other services.


Pretty much the only competitor to Steam left on PC :

(Well, there’s also the (not-)Windows Store, but I don’t think that many PC gamers want it to become successful : )

Could please anyone bring some light as to the exact multiplayer compatibilities/features of the 4 Homeworld games now available on GoG by answering in this thread :