Thanks for taking away the character I paid for GB

So… Not only did I not have access to a character I paid for (alani) on her launch date. But now, today, I log on and she’s locked. Wtf gearbox. Quit breaking your game. She has a lock next to her but isn’t level one… Hmmm. Maybe I’ve played with her before. But now she’s mysteriously locked. I guess I’m not that sad considering she got nerfed to the point of uselessness.

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That sounds terrible, but I think you’d be much better off putting in a support ticket.

This is untrue, she got nerfed to the point of not being an unkillable death machine. She’s still viable and in many cases more practical than Miko.


She did a fine job destroying me repeatedly earlier.

Geysers are very tough to see as Montana. As in, you can’t unless you are looking down…


If the point in this fourm is to report that you cant play alani even though you paid it should really go in the battleborn support bit as it sounds like something gone wrong rather than gearbox has locked you out on purpose.
If the point is to complain alani got nerfed so hard that she is now balenced their already a fourm on that.

I really doubt GBX locked your character out of pure personal spite, so it would be nice if you cool down a bit and read the Forum Rules .

It sounds like a really nasty glitch, so as already posted before its best to submit a support ticket to 2K and/or GBX.