Thanks for the common loot from heliophage advanced

gold, score 148943

57 minute and 46 seconds for me and 3 others doing a very hard mission and we got an awesome…



btw, did gearbox even test this stuff? should it really take 5 minutes for the gun things to drop the gunhulks shields? all while we are sitting around doing nothing?

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I don’t think that the time or score affect the drops. I have finished it a few times myself and was discouraged with no drops too :frowning: If you find a really cooperative group in the future you can drop the time down to around 40-45 minutes, which makes it feel a little less like a let-down.

I believe their intentions for that part of the fight were to fight the Foreman Grall while also putting up the turrets so that they did damage while you were whittling him down. I haven’t had a perfectly put together group myself so I haven’t really wanted to run the risk and put them up and “accidentally” have 2 bosses aggroed at once.

Now the knock-backs that every boss has on that part…oh boy don’t get me started.

Dude, you got hosed. Sorry about that. I’ve never had a drop that bad for work that hard.

Hope RNGesus smiles on you later.

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Lol did you seriously expect something better just because you did heliosphere on advanced hardcore? It’s RNG dude. I’ve had to do over 130 story missions, most on advanced hardcore, to get my legendaries.

I’ve never received Legendary items from Advanced mode, or Hardcore mode. Only from Normal.
You just had back luck, that’s all.