Thanks for the good content

i just don’t get it why people say there no way you play after level 50 i just want to thanks GB for the actually good content for the game on first day and they didn’t do the same mistake is the other games who the fans keep waiting for more than year to have content for them here you can but 100H with every character and we just and the beginning yes theirs some annoying things like the freeze on the menu especially for someone who look and try everything he gets and the bank space and other little thing that will get fixed soon so i just want to thanks BORDERLANDS DEVELOPER for the game and can’t wait to the future


I agree despite all the apparent hate some people seem to have for the games story, Ava, the Calypso Twins, the nerfs to the gear or builds they are using, the splitscreen issues, the bank space, the performance issues. I even have my own humongous list of suggestions and bugs that I posted recently but despite all of those issues it is a slightly bigger Borderlands game and I have enjoyed it so far.


Same here.

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I think most people on here enjoy the game and come on here with the intent to give their two cents on how it can be better because they care about the game long term. People do not always go about it the right way but I think the intent is genuine.

Me for example, I use a very non meta Iron Bear build that allows my Iron Bear to stay relevant even on mayhem 3. But my build is way inferior to some builds I have heard of, and that bothers me a bit so I come on this forum to give my opinion about Iron Bear balancing.


Some people just focus on the negative aspects of anything.
Others just complain and parrot :parrot: just to get attention…

With the last 2 games that I found interesting and excited about, then bought believing all the hype were Fallout 76 and Anthem.
This game seems like a fine tuned master piece…
It could have been SOOO much worse…


anthem should haved learn from bl2 how to make great content


Anthem was a complete disaster… And maybe the end of Bioware…
RIP Bioware…
The entire publisher and development gaming community should never forget what happened with that and take notes on how NOT to make a game from that slow motion train wreck…

There are some legitimate complaints on this forum, as the released product is not as refined as it could, and, honestly should be, but it, otherwise, is a mostly improved version of the Borderlands 2 that I love. Hard for me to complain about that.
That said, Gearbox, fix yo sh&&. Ha.


I’m not saying that it’s perfect… Just compared to the last 2 games I’ve bought it seems that way to me.
Very few games these day release in a “finished” state. I’m not defending this nonsense.
Unfortunately it’s the way it is in modern gaming…
The only game I’ve bought in recent memory that was a truly finished game was Ace Combat 7.

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