Thanks for the GOTY Enhanced on PC Gearbox

The new HUD looks better, the FOV is splendid, you did a good job, it shows that you care about the franchise which is rare and we the fans appreciate it.

The bugs I’ve found so far are :slight_smile:
skags getting stuck under the elevator at 9Toes, blocking your exit.
The minimap in coop doesnt reveal after a while, you have to open the main map to refresh it.
Fight for your life mode in coop doesnt always work for connected peers.
Latency in coop seems dependent on visual settings, possibly.

Now about that Epic Store BL3 exclusivity…


Yeah the game is much better now on PC, i couldnt handle playing the original release but this ver is good

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I have played the original exclusively targeting a maxed/legendary stat build of Roland (max everything) and now can relive the past with the enhanced version so am pretty happy. Totally not carrying over game saves what-so-ever though; it’s a fresh perspective on many aspects and will be treated as such. Still have to finish my Mordecai in BL1o (o original for distinction) though so there’s that.

I’ve noticed some serious lighting enhancements especially when driving at night giving the game an organic/realistic feel and enjoy it immensely; the cut-scenes look more crisp as well.

Game is definitely good and honestly worth the price for anyone whom didn’t own the original.

PC still missing things? I still have no option to turn on Mini Map for example…(unless i am daft and cant find it)

It’s there…can’t remember which menu but it was the last one after kb/mouse, audio, video, etc. Game settings maybe?

On my PC install anyhow it is not there under game options.

Not deliberately trying to be funny, but are you positive you launched the remaster version and not the original? The splash screen should be different, with a few other cosmetic changes in the main menu appearance.

On XB1 I’m seeing both Minimap appearance and rotation as On/Off options (along with compass and a bunch of other stuff.)

VaultHunter101 you are completly right. I had installed the original not the remastered. I did not realize I had to do a new install or even notice it RIGHT BELOW the one I had installed. LOL Duh on me. I figured it out and all is good now.


Fired up my old Mordy. Bloodwing…So shiny! Much particles!


And the correct canonical gender for the story! I wonder if his path-finding will prove to be as wonky, and he’ll just fly around doing nothing unless you have line-of-sight on a target?

I haven’t really played enough indoor areas to make a call on that yet. But it was always part of the fun.

They changed the voicelines to call BW a girl?

Oh, and I have never seen Sanders Gorge look so…wait for it…GORGEOUS.


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Yep, I can confirm that after a few hours of a fresh Mordy play through, that unfortunately Bloodwing does indeed fly in circles if it has no line-of-sight. A tad annoying but all part of the fun!

It makes those times when he is awesome even more awesome…like he’s trying really hard, or something, given that sometimes he’s just intent on flapping a girder to death.
As a pet owner, it really adds to the realism.

Well, at least it maintains the story canon in BL2 where Lilith is reminiscing about Bloodwing doing exactly that… Although I consider that to be small consolation.

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Ooh, I just noticed a cheeky little update through Steam. No idea what it did, though.

I’m on PS4, but yes, I want to know who to send the “Thank You” card to. This is the greatest gift ever!

Yeah, BL1 GoTY E was a nice surprise; opened Steam up and there it was on release day. I like the lighting enhancements especially noticeable while night driving, myself.

Many thanks to Gearbox; just realized that I was lacking manners. Anyway, glad you all are having a good time on your platform of choice. Take care.

The glow from those weird plant things in the skag areas around Fyrestone is very noticeable. Nice to see.