Thanks for the help

I am looking for a Cutpurse Launchpad with Mag size. I have many things to trade ( all Lv60 M10, no Mod). Tell me what you want and maybe I have it.
PSN : Tonnenklopper

I have a pearl with mag and reload speed on me, Do you have a snowdrift otto idol by chance?

Sadly , no. I have a mind Melt Otto Idol with Speed, mag size and Splash Radius and a snowdrift deathless with mag size , fire chance and Rad Chance.

I can do with the mind melt, Ill be online later today.

OK, i have send a friend requests.

I have send the mind melt Otto Idol.

I have the pearl with mag size and fire rate. Will that work?

Yes. Anything you want in return ?

There is but no problem if you don’t have it.
A mate is looking for a god roll green monster class mod. I assume it would be weapon damage, SMG damage then the third roll would be mag size, splash damage, weapon crit, maliwan weapons damage etc.
I’m chasing some gear but if it’s ok with you I might just check my mail tomorrow when I’m next online?
PSN is wonga-bunny. Cheers.

I have one with splash damage, action skill damage and sniper damage and one with weapon crit, weapon damage and maliwan reloadspeed. And i have a Cryo/ Fire Beacon with 50/150 Urad annointment.

If it’s ok I’ll take the mod with maliwan reload plus that Cryo Beacon please. If I can’t get on now it will be tomorrow morning.

That is Ok.

If you can send a separate PSN message to remind me that would be great so I don’t forget! Cheers.

ok, will do.

I got a cutpurse launchpad w mag. I’ll send to you when I get home.


Anything you want in return ? ( CMD, Root, Lightshow, Backburner etc. )

If you got a Kaoson/light show /Harold/ back burner ch1 or a redistributor sntl100 or a 15% life leech monarch that’d be nice

Or any of those things urad