Thanks for the preview - my first review

Thanks for the invite for the game.
Sooo… i tried some rounds and its pretty fun.
I tried some things like Excalibur or Vampirism. Its great how vampirism allows the other player to wallhack, because it balances out and you have only one try. or the excalibur with the dash and invulverability and dash. I feel like its well balanced and the weapons are really interesting,
The graphics are sweet and maybe a bit too colorful but thats okay. I didnt had any bugs or FPS-Drops yet.
What i dont like is the idea that it will get microtransactions - buuut even the starterkit isn’t that bad, its the playstyle which makes a player good!

so here the TL:dr version

  • Fast gameplay
  • fancy graphics
  • great weapon sortiment
  • crazy weapons and gadgets


  • it’s not made to play for hours
  • it can be depressing without wins
  • Microtransactions which will allow to get better Weapons and make it more difficult to get into the game

Thanks again for the invite to test this interesting game.