Thanks for the Ultimate Voices Lines Back, But One Small Thing

First off, I want to thank those who brought back the variety of voice lines in the character ultimates. However, there is one tiny little problem. The Ultimate where Oscar Mike uses his Space Laser from Helix 10, he still says the same thing every time I use it. The Airstrike Missiles/Rockets or whatever, that was fixed so its all good for that. Hopefully there will be a fix soon where Oscar Mike says his other lines when he uses the Space Laser Ultimate. Anyone else have this issue? One of his best lines was something like…“I LOVE SPACE LASERS!”


Agreed. The return of Toby’s “Knock knock, a**hole” and Ernest’s “Cheep cheep, motherf*cker” was EASILY my favorite part of the winter update.

60fps is NICE, but it doesn’t make me laugh.


Idk, have you ever hurled Orendi into outer space in 60FPS? It’s quite entertaining.

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I have not, but will be doing so later tonight when i get off of work. Still… It better be pretty spectacular to beat cussing alien bird-people.

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I can’t recall them all, but Foxtrot’s Ult lines are less funny, and more bad ass.

The 60fps is doing WONDERS for my aim. I can actually kill dudes with my Ult now.

It’s still a trash ult, but I can DO ■■■■ with it now!

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Im sure they added a lot of new lines…

[quote=“timtoborne, post:5, topic:1554588, full:true”]It’s still a trash ult, but I can DO ■■■■ with it now!

Wut? His ult is amazing. It’s one of the few abilities in the game that benefits from both attack damage and skill damage (Ambra’s Radiant Halberd is another). Stack the right loadout on him (like a Bola’s and a Symbiotic Gauntlet) and you will straight up chew through targets with it (keep in mind, it doesn’t trigger Bola’s Target Finder itself, for some reason so you’ll still need to tap someone in the face with a Sticky Bomb before unloading on them).


He builds for crazy attack speed so the delay at the end actually ends up reducing his total damage while driving up the chance of him missing from the bonkers recoil

When I heard the enemy Ambra yell MeteoORrr! I almost cried out of joy. I understand. I understand so much


Ahh, well, there’s your problem then.


Lol everyone here is talking about things away from the main subject. I was talking about the Ultimate Line being the same for the Space Laser for Oscar Mike. However, I found out that there is not an issue for this actually. I tested it some more and he does say all his other lines. Not sure why when I played Oscar Operations, he ended up saying the same line 4 times in a row…

The old ult voice lines were some of the best. I forget how entertaining some of them were. Now I get to hear them all again. :heart:

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My recoil control skills and my dps make the ult useless.

I get that not everyone builds Whiskey to melt chumps, but I’d at least like a level 10 helix option that gives me SOME utility.

I prefer my Whiskey without the cheese, thank you very much.


Do you also want me to… “Hold the buns”?

I can’t find a “Tea Ceremony” or “Cavalier” gif. HOW ARE THESE NOT A THING YET?!

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[quote=“timtoborne, post:13, topic:1554588, full:true”]I prefer my Whiskey without the cheese, thank you very much.

I’m not sure what his level 2 left helix has to do with this discussion since it doesn’t affect his ult’s damage at all (which I find kind of strange because everything else does). :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Whiskey is the cook for the Rogues. I think they would be upset if he served his patented “enemy BB tartar” without the trademark sprinkling of crumbled harresburra cheese! He’s got standards! To hell with “low fat!” You ever wonder where Reyna got her luscious ba-donk-a-donk?


I don’t use legendaries. That’s where I was going with that.

They cost more than rares or uncommons, and when I can activate extra effects with crits or melee attacks, or even surviving for 180 seconds, I’d rather not use anything higher rarity than that.

As for the tertiary effects lege gear provide, I don’t much like them. They usually just make you play differently, or provide effects that I don’t see as necessary.

I still hate Whiskey’s ult. He’s tagged as Versatile, but he’s not versatile at all. Especially compared to Mike.

I’m glad they added in Rath’s lines. I find he had some of the best ult lines.

I just heard the “I love Space Lasers” line yesterday. So maybe you have really bad luck? I dunno, I only heard it once in a private match.

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Whiskey Fixtrot is extremely versatile, what are you talking about? You can build him for wave clear, assassination, or both. You can even set him up at your preferred combat range. My favorite has to be the assassin build he has where you stack movement speed gear and choose his +20% movement speed.

Kill a minion for his combat rhythm, flank the enemy, weigh one down with the slowing sticky nade that does dot damage, weaken them with the swiss cheeese scrap cannon, then you’ve got a weak, slow moving target that you can finish off with your ultimate or regular buffed combat rythm self, and run away before the enemy even realizes you were there.

He’s got tons of options that SOUND neat, but are worthless in practice. He’s got the same kind of “versatile” nature as Mellka.

ON PAPER, he’s versatile, but he’s only got one or two options to play him proper. I’ve only seen him successfully played with this build,,-1,1,-1,0,0,-1,1,-1,1, perhaps with a variation here and there.

Can you REALLY call someone versatile when he’s best played only ONE way? Wave Clear and DPS is what Whiskey specializes in, he’s got some sustain with Killer Regen, but there’s not much there in terms of versatility.

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