Thanks for this event, I always wanted 100 Woodblockers sniper rifles on all my 4 vault hunters

Can someone calmly explain to me, why GearBox dev team did not check this fail of a event drop rate ? Its obv that bosses drop rates are broken, yes they drop a few more legendary class mods but after I farmed graveward and agonizer 9000 over 1000 the most easy bosses in game I got more woodblockers sniper rifles than legendary class mods, also other legendary items that were dropping before the event seems to not drop anymore from this bosses, why no hotfix was provided day 1 of this event to fix this issue ? This is not a complaint I am just disappointed about this obv buggy drop rate and dev team did nothing to fix it, please when you make events in future test your event in game like we “testers” of your game do, the normal players. And yes I had no life to farm agonizer 900 and graveward daily for over 6 hours and killing them in like 3 seconds with the broken builds this game provides me, if you farmed them casually you cant understand.

PS: plot twist your event details are misleading graveward drops 10x more legendary class mods this event than Katagawa jr or Agonizer 9000, check your god damn event drop rates on each boss when you make future events.


This game has its faults buddy but if you want it back to day one bl3 play offline slaughter shaft you’ll get more gold then you know what to do with

I am aware of the offline mode, which is useless if you want farm legendary class mods, the only item in this game that matters, rest of legendary items you can also get them online mode pretty easy, extra EXP on offline mode is also useless, once you reach like 14% on all guardian ranks its pointless to farm for exp no matter how small or big is the boost. So online is a must for true endgame…


I agree with OP. I wasted several hours Sunday with P&T and Katagawa combined.

Every other event boss I farmed dropped class mods. Killavolt and Gigamind both pooped them.

The assigned bosses dropped nada for the same investment in time.

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yes but graveward is still the best to farm, its the only boss ever this event that dropped for me 3x legendary class mods in 1 drop, was insane and lucky I guess, but I spend dozens of hours farming bosses this event, graveward is the best + drops relics also.

It was decent if Agonizer and katagawa could drop a class mod every 10 kills or so, but they dont… sometimes they do but sometimes it takes like 30+ kills to get 1, on graveward worst was 20 kills until I got one, but average is every 5 kills a class mod

How are you not getting any legendary class mods? I farmed some the other day on Graveward he seemed to drop them every other run. Is it that only Fl4k class mods drop or smtn?
This was on M3 TVHM with luck relic tho.

Sounds like bad rng for you. Beat agonizer in story with a friend once and each of us got a legendary class mod

I didnt say you will not get from agonizer legendary, ofc is possible to get on first try, but graveward is the most consistent when it comes to it, like I said I once got 3 legendary class mod in 1 drop from graveward, during this event… when I should get more from event bosses not from a world drop item boss, RNG can mess with ur brain, but try to farm each boss like 1000 times and than you will agree with me

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I get good drops from katagawa ball. But P&T won’t drop much for me either.