Thanks Gearbox for letting Telltale bring this series to!

I don’t know to what extent you (Gearbox) helped to bring this series to - maybe it was all up to Telltale - but in any case I thank you for taking a chance with “openly” DRM-free/installers on GOG. I hope this experience eventually leads to you actually joining GOG as a publisher, and bringing the highly-desired Homeworld games - - (maybe using Galaxy for multiplayer and cross-play so people can play with Steam users), the original Borderlands games, and more to GOG. :smile: (Even Duke Nukem Forever would be welcome by over 850 people :wink: .)

Thanks again.

Yup, thanks from my side as well. Although you´re not appearing as the publisher for Tales From The Borderlands I was surprised that you allowed them to rerelease/ release a game of your Borderlands-IP on without beeing on yourself! Well, maybe you´ll be settling in in the near future as well! :slight_smile: