Thanks Gearbox game series

Hi. At the end of 2015 met with this series of games.
If not for this game Tales from the Borderlands so we would not have learned of the Borderlands universe. In 2012 as we scored on the game series Borderlands, and the first part at the time not played. It is more like part 2.

For Gaige passed the whole game, replica and cool mechanics.
The whole month had one of my character:

Recently started playing again and in BL:TPS:

Played for Nisha because she has two pistols skill.

Thanks for an excellent series of games.


Good work on Gaige, best of luck on Nisha!

Must’ve been some jump for you in terms of their different play styles.

They’re not that dissimilar, really. Both play well with pistols; both have ricochet skills; both are very powerful. And both are rather squishy.

Fair, but I was speaking more of early game (she’s still 29 on Nisha).

How to understand what rather squishy?

“squishy” - low defense. Easy to kill. No outstanding health gain abilities.