Thanks to VaultHunter101 & ChemicalConundrum

At long last I have reached Level 72 as Maya the Siren and would like to thank VaultHunter101 and ChemicalConundrum for their help and support over the past year or so. In particular when I was struggling between Levels 50 and 60. Like they said, at Level 60 the game opened up with the skill tree I had been building came into its own. The two weapons that gave me the edge were the DPUH and the Legendary Siren Class Mod.

The entire campaign was done solo except for End of the Line (Wilhelm) in TVHM), End of the Line (Wilhelm) in UVHM, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve in UVHM then running into Thousand Cuts. The final person I would like to thank is Major Slack who has produced the best tactical walkthrough’s I have seen. When struggling with the Opportunity mission in UVHM I looked back at the Major Slack walkthrough #158 and managed to complete that Opportunity mission using 4 grenades and 12 shots fired. Although this walkthrough is in NVHM it was an awesome tactical lesson as it worked in UVHM.

I will probably have to stop my mission now as all discussions I have seen for Destruct Peak say not to attempt it in solo mode. Also with no XP bar at Level 72 it is a bit of a downer. As such I will probably hang up my guns (or start again as another player). I enjoyed the DLC add-on’s with Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep providing the trickiest mission in the Lair of Infinite Agony. I still haven’t got the last Crumpet and Cult of the Vault as I keep missing the small landing platform down the drop back to the start.

As I did this as a pensioner and will be 68 years old in a few months it would be interesting to see if I am the oldest player to have made it this far.

Again many thanks to VaultHunter101 and ChemicalConundrum



You’re welcome! The oldest person I’ve met on the forums who was playing the game was in their seventies. There’s a fair few like you in their sixties as well. I’m still a kid at a mere 55. :blhappy:

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