Thankyou for listening, Gearbox

Alright shameless praise thread.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve played a game where the devs listened to and acted on community inquiries this quickly. (Comparitively speaking anyway - a few months vs the year or more it takes other devs to listen, if they do at all.)

We asked for an All Modes queue, we got one.
We asked for Galilea and then Alani to be nerfed, they got it.
We asked for Whiskey to get some much-needed buffs and he got them (at least I’ve had a hell of a lot more lucky with him lately, and he’s been more of a threat as an opponent too.)
We asked for ranked/skill-based matchmaking to return, and be seperate from ‘casual’ play, and it did.

Seriously, BB had issues on release. Hell it still has some. But Gearbox clearly reads these forums and pays attention to what the players want and god-damnit I love 'em for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shove some tranquility up the other team’s jacksies in the form of a gigantic water dragon.


Wait did whiskey get buffed and I missed it?

Nyahhh, I don´t remember they buffed him yet, but the OP already stated its more a feeling he´s running better lately.

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Oh ok, lol misread then. Was about to be very excited lol

Totally agree. They’ve made changes some people aren’t happy about but the fact of the matter is they are listening and definitely trying to do as much as possible to make this game better than it is


Well if they listen, and this thread gets their attention…

I want:
Thorn’s Bow to fire exploding bolt-arrows that pierce and do 150% Area damage
Blight will pull enemy in then silence them, and do 50% extra damage for each enemy effected
I want Volley to have homing arrows that stun enemy for 5secs then afflict poison for 600damage over 3secs
Natures Curse should blind enemy for 3secs then make them run into the nearest wall
Hitting an enemy with an arrow takes 10secs off Ultimate Cooldown
When Thorn jumps all near by enemy scream with fright and are stunned for 3secs
Each enemy hit with an arrow stacks 250 poison damage per arrow with a max 10 stacks
Hitting an enemy with Blight increases movement speed by 50% and damage reduction by 75%

Should be ok for now :wink:


Give Attikus RtB and bloodsplosion!!




By the time I finish, i’ll be one shoting sentries and bosses :smile:

Oh I forgot to mention the Helix Mutation at Level 1 for 85% Shield Penetration. Make it so Gearbox. Your ace!!

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I want you to know… I read that as “Helix Mushroom” and I was goin’ for like 10 minutes tryin’ to figure out what the hell a Helix Mushroom was.

Is that some Thorn skill? Is that legendary gear? WHAT THE HELL IS A HELIX MUSHROOM!!!???

Oh… stupid Benedict.

Buuuuuutttttttttt… Continuing in the spirit of your post… Gearbox… If you’re listening… I don’t care what it does… I don’t care where you put it… I don’t care if it’s edible or not… I just want… a Helix Mushroom.

Make it happen. That is all.


I also support this helix mushroom.

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Yeah, GBX listens and apparently they must be psychic because they gave me something I didn’t even know I wanted…Battleborn.


Where else you can kill mushrooms with suns or cute owls?! :heart: Or wrestle a spaceelf :smile:

Also: I strongly approve Helix-mushrooms. Maybe as future environment tile-set for Ekkunar maps^^


Yeah I’ve seen nothing official but he must have had something - when I play him now, I’m easily competing with if not doing a bit better on K/D/A than the other DPS in my team (excluding that one Marquis with 21/2/13 or whatever the bullshit D:)

@mzealley Hey don’t forget about the new legendary boss drop rate!! Right now it is raining so hard that people have to sell their legendaries in order to keep on farming :wink:


All game mode que killed this game for anyone that doesn’t play incursion. Around 4 of my friends quit because they couldn’t play the game mode they want. I don’t see how all que game modes helped this game. If anything, it cut the playerbase in half on console.

It’s a horrible idea.

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I mean… the entire point of the Casual Mode queue is that you don’t care what you play, you just wanna play. If you’re quitting outright because you can’t play the one mode you want, then y’got problems of your own I can’t deal with.

I would love to see some stats on that claim that it’s cut the playerbase in half though. I think it’s more likely that people are no longer having to queue for the thing you wanna play just to get a match.

If you can’t see how flawed this system is, then going back and forth is no point. I’m not going to write a wall of text explaining to you why I think we should freely choose what we want to play. That literally should not be of discussion.

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I’m starting to wonder if Gearbox developers are actually robot minions that don’t understand human needs like freedom of choice.

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If you can’t understand that not everybody else necessarily wants to play the same modes/maps you do whenever you do, then you’re clearly no wiser on what freedom of choice means XD If you want to play a specific map and mode, go queue up in competitive play and pick that mode.