Thankyou for listening, Gearbox

Alrighty guys, no need to start talking about each other.

Continuing the important discussion: helix mushrooms


Can you fry them? That’s the important question here.

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I had a good chuckle on your reply :smile:

And, I’ve thought how to add it to Mico’s skill line.
Level 10 Mutation: Mico Throws a magic mushroom that has hallucinate powers to enemy within 50yrds. Anyone effected laughs uncontrollably for 5secs.



You forget that people wanted more legendary drops and that when a legendary drops, it has the same stats for all the participants.

They also adust the maps for exploits rather quickly.


That’s it?

I was thinking more of a “When Thorn taunts all Battleborn are eliminated” as her passive.

Thats fine. I know that I don’t represent everyone. That’s not the point. Point is, my or any other person’s choice in game mode shouldn’t be based on a voting system. I’m not the only one that votes for meltdown but 5 to our 4 want to play incursion. Now which is better?

Rolling with the punches and playing something you don’t like


Having the option to always play what you prefer?

Some people want incursion others want meltdown or capture. Theres a way everyone can be satisfied by letting each person que up for what they want.

I notice these are all PvP things. PvE players ask for things too and are often ignored in the greater scheme of things, left feeling like second class citizens.

Let’s make a list.

We asked for an All Modes queue - PvP
We asked for Galilea and then Alani to be nerfed - PvP
We asked for Whiskey to get some much-needed buffs - Neutral, but still PvP-focused in intent
We asked for ranked/skill-based matchmaking to return, and be seperate from ‘casual’ play - PvP

“[…] pays attention to what PvP players want […]”

That, I feel, is more apt.

Sorry. That’s just how I feel.

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PvP is the game’s main focus (for as much fun as the PvE content is) - I’ve not even seen much of anything in the way of complaints/queries/requests regarding PvE, for that matter. I’m sure they’re there, but the PvP threads far outweigh them and thus it makes sense Gearbox would be more likely to address them first.

I can see it now…
Cue "White Rabbit."
Aaaannnnddddd… Awesome.

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Legendary rates increased quite possibly exponentially. And many changes in patches and hot fixes. Mostly bug fixes, but big PVE changes are likely to be implemented near Operation 1. PVP was their main goal here (otherwise they could’ve just made more Borderlands), so that’s more urgent, but PVE is an integral part of the game and will not be forgotten.

Thanks, we are definitely listening!


Who’s this Mico person you’re talking about? Should Miko be worried they may be out of a job? :blconfused:

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Can we please have an option to change the FIELD OF VIEW? Please :blush:

I’m finding it hard to play with some melee BB’s as I just lose sight of whom i’m attacking. Especially when playing with Phoebe. Teleport, then…where are they !!

I reckon the community would be 100% behind this as an option.

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On some levels I have to agree but it would have to be an option for ALL Battleborn, not just the melee characters, to make it fair.

Possibly also a 1st/3rd person switch? 1st person is far better suited to ranged attackers but Boldur and the like would benefit much better from a 3rd person POV.

Apparently it’s not technically possible on consoles using the older graphics engine this game uses. Otherwise I’m sure they would have added it and made the game 60fps, like The Handsome Collection was last year.