Thankyou for mayhem 11

I’m back from maybe around April/June and mayhem mode 11 is exactly what I wanted. I love bl3 and played it to death but back then on mayhem 10 you could barely scratch anything without a handful of weapons, it was so bad I quit. But now on mayhem 11 without the silly modifiers I’m having an absolute blast. Guns are doing great amounts of damage, and I mean great in terms of feel kind of balanced from what I’ve played so far, using class mods and artefacts I can make all the weapon types viable to do work again. So so so good, and iron bear being powerful again is amazing. Had a big smile on my face for the whole of the 2 hour session - one of my favourite games is back and I’m super happy. I like that 11 is still quite a challenge and I died a fair bit, just strikes a nice balance for me atm. I know these boards have a lot of criticisers (I was one) and but I’m super happy right now. Thanks balance team for making it great now from what it was.


i was like “oh, someone necroed my thread…no wait SOMEONE COPIED IT” XDDD