That drone debuff has been a life saver

I’ve taken Moze and Fl4k to level 65 (no DLC) and tried everything I could to squeeze more damage out my build and weapons. In both cases, most of the time I was just staying alive until I could get IB or gamma skag off CD (not a knock against either class…I had a blast playing them).

I have Zane around level 52, and pumped it up to M11 (hate those modifiers). Obviously the clone gets some great damage with Hellshock, or most weapons tbh. But lately I noticed that when my drone is flying that debuff augment, my gun damage, even on garden variety legendaries, is actually respectable.

Is the debuff really working that well, or was there just some sort of balance patch with M11? It’s kind of great, since I feel like I’m actually contributing rather than letting each AS carry me.

Commitment being infinitely stackable, and duct tape mod spilling over too all self damage may be whats helping so much

are you saying you are noticing bad dose gun dmg? because that is hardly possible

That’s what I’m trying to figure out, whether these bursts of extra gun damage from me are b/c of the drone debuff. There are so many skills, I’m never sure which one is working at any given time.

So, the Bad Dose debuff wouldn’t be enough for a noticeable increase?

I would guess the movement speed gained from Bad Dose is giving you a decent buff to Violent Momentum while also giving you a DPS increase with its fire rate buff

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Thanks…that actually makes more sense.