That Feeling When You Win!

Having just gone through a particularly rough patch of losing far more matches than I won, I just wanted to share with you all the amazing feeling you get when you FINALLY win a game again, especially when IT www a close / exciting / well fought one!

It’s like a drug!

Such a great rush!

I’m sure you all know it, right?


It literally is a drug. You win and then your brain gets flooded by chemicals that are released into your bloodstream. You can get addicted to these chemicals. It’s why some people will break up with someone and find someone new to fall in love with, because the high wore off and they are looking to fall in love to get that high again. It’s why some people do crazy things like jumping out of planes, off of bridges and the like because they want that high again. It’s why some people will go bankrupt spending all of their savings at some casino, because they want that high (and some money). Winning in games is no different.


On the other hand, that feeling when you’ve got a great start to a Whiskey Foxtrot game, but your pug team is a bunch of daisy-pickers who’ve called for a surrender twice because the other team took 4 points off the sentry in the first 3 minutes, and do it a third time a moment before you wipe all but one player on the opposing team right on the cusp of a big push…

And the final vote in favor of surrendering is cast right when the sentry is in sight of the wave.

Sorry, had to vent.



I guess I knew this from a while ago but had kind of forgotten?


Do you think people who break up to fall in love again for the rush know that is why they are doing it?


I know that feeing, too! All too well…

Some do and don’t care but many don’t. I imagine that there are even a few who do know and do care and try to stop it but can’t help themselves. As I said, it’s like a drug. People get addicted to the high.

Not everyone has a deep insight into their inner workings, who they are and why they do things. Humans are a complicated mess. In many ways we are simple creatures but in many ways we are a messy mix of all sorts of complex things.


That’s deep

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