That got everyone farming so hard just to make all that gear useless

This timing of putting out a new level cap it’s nuts, so much time and currency spent on farming gear at 65 now for it to be 7 levels behind. So much gear all completely wasted with a single update. I’m gonna enjoy this new update a lot but geez I feel sorry for people who sunk so much time into all the new farming options


At least know PC Players can help console plebs updating their gear.

And PS folks, well, you can still do it but its more annoying. I’m not refarming anything, F this


I just took a look and BL2 went to 80 with the last DLC…… so honestly I don’t think this is final lv cap

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Yeah I pretty much wasted all my eridium rerolling to try something new. Lol. Wish I could refund it all but ah well back to the ol’ grind as they say.

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i’ve been lucky not to spend (to much) eridium on rerolls and already owning most items with the anointment i needed…

and haven’t botherd much with the true trials (used them as a gear check)

probably going to level my main Zane and doing the same for Amara (i haven’t finished ember’s quest… and probably ending up with a crappy version of the ember’s purge but hey…)

and new level cap, still no way to get the once per char items :sweat_smile:

(and ffs! now i have to get the 7th sense AGAIN! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

This has been constant throughout this entry…

I wonder what BL4 & Wonderland will be like /hmm… Probably should just wait until it’s level cap is reached and it’s a couple quid all in.!


same here!

not wanting this kind of slog again…


The eridium is what gets me real bad.

I’ve spent easily 100k + eridium rerolling anointments for my various builds, which has left me at about 1000 total across all characters.

And now all my gear is useless, and I’ve got like 4 rerolls left. What the ■■■■. I cant even play this game for longer than an hour without my console turning off, and I’m definitely not spending that grace period farming fifth rounds of CoS.


Can someone demonstrate how gear is useless, exactly?

I’m not looking for suboptimal, I’m not looking for “not as efficient”. I’m really interested in why lower-levelled gear automatically becomes useless.

I used to think the same, but that was before I was corrected on weapon strength. Unlike in BL2, weapons don’t suffer being under-levelled. And this was before all the massive Legendary buffs we tend to get nowadays.

The one thing I can understand is Anointment rolling, but it’s not like Eridium is hard to come by. I can appreciate that that’s a grind, though, for sure.

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It comes from a frustration of tedious grind. Of course a difference of 7 levels with BL3 scaling isn’t ““useless”” but there is a point being made.

The damage a gun actually does aside, a lot of people felt they wasted their hours and thousands of eridium for level 65 guns. And in loot games where the entire point is reaching the satisfaction of getting the best gear, having that chase reset right after giving players more ways to farm that gear warrants exaggeration imo.


Are you on PC or console?

If anyone, except PS players, needs help upgrading their gear, just hit me up. I’m usually always around.

easy farm… ruiner with hellwalker :rofl:

drops some great stuff (and chance for world drops) even found a 100% cryo bloom on LVL 72 already :wink:

My condolences. If I ever come back to the game (with mods), I’m just gonna save edit everything I got.

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yep. what was the point of the true trials events if they knew all of the gear would be 100% useless right after. I also wasted two diamond keys last night. I debated on whether to keep them, but b/c I do not trust GB I figured they’d make some change to lessen the quality of gear in the room so I spent them. Was happy to get an old god and a beacon, but now they are useless.


Maybe it is their fix for end game content…farm the same item, raise the level cap, wash, rinse, repeat.


It’s just the idea of farming events to min max a build and then having to do it all over again.


I’m pretty sure you can still use level 65 weapons to rip through level 72 content. Artifacts/Shields/Artifacts/Grenades don’t matter as much

So it’s about min-maxing builds.

Fair. I just don’t get on with the default assumption of people calling gear useless, because it’s obviously not.

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In case people here forgot, this game has been power crept to oblivion. Level 65 gear destroys level 72 enemies. Our gear would probably start dropping off at level 80 if anything. Chill.

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It’s the OCDness of “alright, well now there’s a potential better in slot for this whole loadout, the loadout that I just perfected by pouring hours into these weekly ‘limited’ events, with bullet sponge bosses, to have ALL those events activate at the end anyways.” It’s just. I mean it’s just kinda eh. Don’t get hung up on the terminology of ‘useless’, i mean would you rather use a lvl 72 monarch or a lvl 65 monarch?