"That helped, right?" Trophy Not Unlocking

I’ve gone through and performed every action package today on my claptrap and for some reason the trophy did not unlock.

I’m 99% sure i executed all of them today- I kept a list and made a note whenever I used an action package.

Is this known to be bugged? should I just put a ticket in to see if I can be helped otherwise?

Are you sure you triggered all 15?

  • Funzerker (Dual wield weapons)
  • Shhhhh… Trap (Turn invisible)
  • Miniontrap (Throw down turret)
  • Blightbot (Send out a flying claptrap with fire/corrosive damage)
  • Mechromagician (send out flying Punkbot, which distracts and melees)
  • Meat Unicycle (Melee weapon with sawblade)
  • Rubber Ducky (reflect bullets and bounce)
  • Med Bot (shoot laser at teammates to heal them)
  • Nonsensical Sacrifice (revives teammates that are currently down at the cost of your own life)
  • Torgue Fiesta (Rapidly throws out grenades) Put a point into I Am Rubber, You Are Glue.
  • Pirate Ship Mode (Cannons appear in four corners of your screen and fire) Put a point into Livin’ Near the Edge.
  • Clap-in-the-Box (Claptrap holds a bomb that detonates) Put a point into Kick Him While He’s Down.
  • Gun Wizard (greatly increases fire rate and reload speed for team) Put a point into You’re… GOING
  • One Shot Wonder (gun magazine will empty with one shot) Put a point into Tripleclocked
  • Laser Inferno (disco ball will fire lasers at enemies) Put a point into Rainbow Coolant.

By various accounts, triggering the achievement/trophy can be a bit glitchy though. Note that you may need to actually use the mode, not just trigger it.

Did you get the co-op action packages?