That Isic nerf seems way too much

Don’t remember seeing complaints about Isic enough to warrant such a heavy nerf. Seems like he’s gonna gimped hard now.

I don’t know but I saw another ISIC player saying it wasn’t too bad except Photonic Ward seems really fragile now.

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I rarely played him before and sadly, I would die with him, lol, so, I guess I don’t see myself playing with him in the near future.

They were really tanky before though, I played Reyna with this randy and we took out a sentry with just the two of us. Yes, I did give him oversheild, shield restore, health, and my ultimate blocked ranged damage, but it was still pretty impressive.

Isic seemed practically required for the saboteur mission, I would even bust out with Isic for that one if needed. That’s the real shame of his nerf right there, the pve story missions.

Hm. Even with the nerfs, he’s still one of the best sustain damage in the game.

I’m actually surprised they are nerfing his tanking abilities instead of his damage. The wards were too good also, not mentionning they can reflect projectiles (that also mean skills such as Marquis Ultimate and Shayne’s Fetch, AND Gali’s shield throw)

So yeah, even with the nerfs he will still pretty much annoy you to no end with his perma-slow.

I’m a rank 15 ISIC and I approve these nerfs, although I would rather nerf his reflective abilities before hitting any numbers first.


ISICs were easy to kill even in the hands of the most players and now he is just useless, what kind of tank is he meant to be?!?! I’m a level 52, master of ISIC and disagree with your statement.

Levels and rank honestly don’t matter as much as understanding and skills. Our opinions differ on that point.

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Nerfing his reflects is not necessary. Just make it much more noticable so that you don’t accidentally kill yourself with your own ammunition. xD

Just a question: would the rotating ward health mutation allow the wards to not be 1-shot?

I agree with you Isic did need tweeking to town him down

high damage and high health

but i would of lowered his DPS and kept his defense as is.

he seems better as a tank/pusher

I only just started playing as Isic, I typically don’t like to jump into characters that might be somewhat “OP” or might have a nerf on the way and I think it’s worth noting that this does feel over done. Here’s why:

Observing the character for the first time, if you want to try to tank with him now, being somewhat forward, most of your time will be taken up shielding yourself when Isic doesn’t have his wards up. This is one of the only times you can shoot if you are trying to “tank”. Unfortunately this makes him ineffective at doing much until level 5 where he basically seems to become more of a siege tank due to the fact that while using his ultimate he is very immobile and cannot shield himself from damage.

If we’re honest with ourselves the purpose of all characters is applying damage in some way, even if a secondary purpose for particular chars should also be soaking damage for their team. When Isic becomes able to apply such damage he’s actually better off sitting in back where many characters can’t apply damage that he needs to be able to block. This seems to be his new “most effective” range, there in negating the term “tank” placing him closer to that of Toby, making him “territorial” in a way.

Therefore, these ideas seem to point to an over nerf, and he will likely need stronger wards or more health returned to him if he is to fill his original intended roll. My vote is for the wards, as they offer more consistency and if you want to use your ultimate you are placing yourself at a disadvantage in a way.

It is worth noting that I really enjoy siege/territorial Isic, BUT the observation that he doesn’t have much attack potential until level 5, where damage potential skyrockets, again points us to what was likely an over nerf.

PS - I think it’s also worth a mention, GB, that I have liked all the nerfs and buffs until this one, including those from the beta. It is good to see active tweaking of characters, and while missteps will happen, props are very important too. Thank you for the job you guys have done thus far :]

The wards might as well be removed right now, they just instantly break the moment someone farts in their vicinity. ISIC’s survivability is now non-existent. Aegis blocks 375 damage (Not 2000, not even 500 listed on the website), 400 hp taken away, and the supposed “tank” has 300 less shield and 100 less health than S&A, a melee assassin.

Shooting your face off with regular ammo is fine, but when it starts reflecting things such as Marquis’s Ultimate, or any projectile skills, it becomes a little bit broken.

I wish I could fight a good ISIC to check things out, but I haven’t encountered one yet.

His late game is as strong as ever, you just have to be more careful now with his early game. ISIC rank 15 reporting in.

just like benedict then his early game is terrible not till he is lvl 5 does he start getting useful and at lvl 10 o boy he is deadly

I’m not worried about this because I know that Gearbox is collecting and looking at all the data. If they see that the changes to ISIC hot to hard they will re-examine things and adjust as necessary. What we can do is suggest possible tweaks because that gives them a larger pool of ideas to work with when considering changes. That doesn’t mean that our ideas will be used, but it does give them more to work with. They are good at coming up with ideas on their own but there are things they may miss when coming up with ideas. But for now keep playing and post your feedback and we’ll see how things develop.

I could’ve understood a nerf of his damage… but his rotating wards ? weird.

Please remove “tank” from his character bio. He can no longer be classified as one.

Never played as Isic before, and the nerf came a few days after I got the game. I will say though, that I have only seen one player play as Isic since the nerf, and that was about 30 minutes ago. I usually don’t argue with nerfs in games, but this one does seem questionable based on how often I see people use him now compared to before.

lmfao, no. Absolutely no.
Pre-nerf I never even had to use his off-hand shield… that’s 2k blocking ability that I never even NEEEDED and you’re saying he’s easy to kill.
LMFAO, no, no, he isn’t and he certainly wasn’t.

You can’t take his damage away, @maximecaron , if you take off his damage you can just ignore him, other than his stun and slow late-game, he would be no threat really.

His shield blocks 375 damage, not 2000, not even 500 mentioned on the website.