That matchmaking though..... the reason why people quit this game

No better way to scare off your new players than matching them all against a 5 man premade of all level 100s with the hardest titles to earn in the game.

absolute massacre.

picture proof.

this is just insane to me.

in b4 some1 comes in here and says that the level 2 players could possibly be more skilled than the level 100s with obvious skill (hence the hard to get titles)


these games are 100% loss chance for the non-premade team.

“level means nothing, ive seen a team of level 2s stomp a team of level 100s” - sure u have. picture proof plz or else i refuse to believe it.

id like to see some statistics please because i have never seen a 5 man premade of level 100s lose a single game yet… let alone to a pug consisting of sub level 10 players.



by the way one of those level 100s was somehow cheating and avoiding damage the entire game.

would shoot said player in the face with thorn ultimate and somehow they take zero damage.

not very compelling to people who are new to this game, just sayin’ man…

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yet again…

lol fail

y not put the 2 level 100 players who arent in a group on the lowbie team? doesnt make any sense.

Couldn’t you have just continued one of your other two threads talking about this same exact topic?


But I’m confused because you said bye to this game 15 days ago so you must be a confused time traveler from the past?


While I agree that it needs to do a much better job with the ungrouped players, such as putting the two solo 100s on the other team in exchange for their level 7 and 3, there’s nothing really to be done about 5 man groups. Those tend to be some of the only people playing, and in no way, shape or form do I think it’s a good idea to screw over the core community of the game.

It sucks but the low population is the cultprit. With more players, they will re-implement the ELO system or whatever it’s called. There was a nice period where you tended to get grouped with 9 similar level players. If the pop increases they can do that again and it won’t be this ridiculous. Still, I’ve been in a 5 man and had groups of low level players 1) not drop immediately, 2) fight until the end or until a very reasonable surrender vote, or 3) actually put up a close fight and bloody our level 100 noses. I know it’s hard to get beat more often than not, but after a while you get better, maybe make some friends through steam to play with, and then suddenly YOU are in a group of people beating down other courageous BB.

tl;dr until pop is bigger, this will be an issue.

I thought you quit this game?


One of these days the OP will actually find a cheater. Law of large numbers! Don’t give up, Chode. Keep throwing those darts and you’ll hit the board eventually!


Another one of these threads and from the same person? A true pvper expects this type of welcoming when joining the the pvp environment of a few months old game. Learn from those loses and experienced lvl 100 players. You will only get better with time and practice.

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lets talk about the topic and not other forum members ok.

That’s the point. This has been discussed ad naseum, and you are not adding anything constructive to (your own) conversation.


yet here u are… lol… was this post of yours necessary man? not really… lets be honest.

you arent even talking about the topic u r trying to play moderator.

all ur doing is talking about me.

im flattered, really! im nobody special though just another player.

this tpoic is about matchmaking and i provided 2 back to back pictures of how unfair the matchmaking can be. all youve done is talk about other forum members and try to tell them what to do

Who’s playing moderator?


I assure you, this isn’t the case.
I’ll try to be a voice of reason here, as I have commented on several of your other topics.

Forum members are just a little frustrated with you, be it that many of your topics appear negative, repetitive and contain accusations against cheaters.
This is not a personal attack, but a general forum rule that topics be searched or re-added to if the same experience is reoccurring, rather than restarting a whole new topic on the same issue.

I’m not sure if you keep repeating your topics out of not being entirely sure how to use the forum as a whole, or because you simply don’t feel you are being heard?

I assure you again, you are being heard if this is what you feel is the problem.
The devs see these topics, they read them, and they are making the adjustments possible.
However, the game is 3 months old, and much is yet to be done to sort through the many issues that may be present with BB.
They have add ons, skins, taunts, and maps to work on to, which requires many hours, and will too please the player base.
They may have to be choosey with what is priority number one, and what is priority one hundred.

Many of us empathise with you, and the issues that still exist within BB.
But they have been voiced, and we must have patience.

Many a constructive reasoning of ‘what you could do’ in the mean time has been voice with you.
Patience, re-adding to past topics, changing platform (PC to PS4), or just stepping away until you feel your concerns have been fixed (clearly they aren’t yet).

No one is here to play moderator, except the moderators.
Though, forum users can execise their rights to ‘flag’ the topic, and voice there concern there.
Which I suggest anyone whom continues to have a problem, do so, so the correct forum ‘authority’ for lack of a better word, can deal with it.

Welcome back, @chodespode.
And good luck with your future gaming experiences. :slight_smile:


Simple solution:

Get together with four other people who know how to play. If you can’t BEAT the premade, then BE the premade.

Or, just bring this convo to the reddit where moderation is not nearly so strict, and see how that grabs ya…

Now, having offered something on-topic for you above, I offer that you have probably raised this topic as often as the next five disgruntled PUGs combined. AND you were supposed to have given up on the game. AS pointed out above.

So, it’s obvious (TO YOUR CREDIT, I MIGHT ADD) that you actually CARE about this game. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be beating our heads against your wall.

So, why don’t YOU offer some sort of solution to the issue?

Here’s my (often shot-down, though working pretty well in other games) suggestion: Split the queue into groups and solos. If you’re in a group and want to play, it has to be 2, 3, or 5. Solos go into one queue when they hit the PUBLIC button, and groups go into another. For a group of 2 or 3, it’s slapped together with another to make a five. For fives, they go to the head of the queue.

“What game in its right mind uses THAT kind of concept?” Mechwarrior Online, for one (that I have over 1,000 hours invested in since its open beta almost four years ago). Free to play, been around and profitable since 2013 (if you don’t count the extended beta periods), currently in regional qualifiers for its first world championship tourney with a $100kUSD prize (put up by the developer), using an IP licensed from none other than MicroSoft, et cetera. Two queues there. Solo queue is just what it sounds like. Group queue is for groups of 2-10, or 12. Twelve players to a team, two teams to a match. Smaller groups get matched up by size. With ample population in the queues, average PSR (they ditched Elo some time ago, as it’s really kinda weak outside of 1-on-1 anyhow, and opted for their own somewhat controversial skill rating system) of the team (in group queue) is used to matchmake. In solo queue, with PSR ratings sorted into one of five tiers, matchmaking strives to keep players matched against their own tier. AT WORST, with long queue times, players may have to match up or down one tier (and if a Tier 2 gets dropped in a match that has both up AND down, AT WORST, a Tier 3 will be in a match with Tier 1s), and distributes the tiered players between the two sides as evenly as it can be bothered to do.

Now, despite this being the video game equivalent of Shade Tree Mechanics running the show, it’s maintained a significantly LARGER player population than has Battleborn. BUT, it also has larger numbers of players per match (24, to Battleborn’s 10). On busier evenings, BB likely CAN support this kind of queue split. DEFINITELY can for console players, anyhow.

Something to consider, especially since the Humble Bundle thing seems to be bringing a lot of players to our fun little game.

Y’know. In case you decide to admit that you actually can’t get enough Battleborn in your life.

It’s okay. We understand. We’re here for you. :wink:

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To those people who haven’t read the forum rules:

You agreed to comply with the forum rules when you joined.

I know you’ve been asked to read the rules.

Why don’t you read the rules? What’s stopping you from doing that?

Pm me with your answers, please.