That Mechro Guy Trade Shop: The Third One

Available to Trade:
Lvl 26 Trigger Happy Band of Sitorak
Lvl 18 Stuffed Quadomizer
Lvl 18 Cloud Kill
Lvl 22 Laden Clockwork Linc
Lvl 30 Berzerker Launch Pad
Lvl 30 The Transformer
Lvl 24 Dastardly Hand of Glory
Lvl 28 The Companion (Fire)
Lvl 27 Shredded Tunguska
Lvl 24 Adapting Ripper
Lvl 32 Vengeance Red Suit
Lvl 26 Hazardous Sellout
Lvl 27 Burning Breeder
Lvl 30 Dastardly Unforgiven
Lvl 31 Dastardly Amazing Grace
Lvl 38 Storm Front
Lvl 31 Kenulax
Lvl 44 Frozen Snowdrift
Lvl 38 Shredded Scourge
Lvl 36 Double-Penetrating Occultist (Fire)
Lvl 35 L0V3M4CH1N3
Lvl 39 Venomous Barrage
Lvl 41 Clockwork V-System
Lvl 43 Baby Maker ++
Lvl 43 Quickdraw Bekah
Lvl 40 Woodblocker (Radiation)
Lvl 41 Dayumned Zooka
Lvl 45 Adundant Sublime Antimatter Rifle (Shock and Fire)
Lvl 44 Binary Apt Pulsar (Radiation and Shock)
Lvl 48 Defrauding Incentivized Mogul
Lvl 44 Resonant Back Ham
Lvl 23 Bangin’ Bear Trooper
Lvl 44 Supercharged Ginormous Bangarang XL
Lvl 45 Moar Linage
Lvl 50 Disciplined Jaguar
Lvl 49 Bountiful Unescapable Quasar (Radiation and Shock)
Lvl 50 Humongous Keenfire
Lvl 50 Refined Starkiller
Lvl 41 Dayumned Zooka
Lvl 50 Double Buck Frag Grenade (Fire)
Lvl 50 Quick Charge Entrenched Shield

Currently Looking For (LV 50 Unless Otherwise Stated):
Torgue Laser-Sploder
The Duc

I say “Mechro” you say “Mancer”!
PSN: hitman45504
Timezone: EST
Availability: Mostly work a 9 to 5 during regular week; you’ll have better luck on weekends.