That moment when you bought Battleborn over a year ago but didn't get Founders

I logged in once, but never played it because of my backlog and life cir■■■stances.

Hah sucks.

At least when Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS they gave the founders bonus to everyone regardless of playtime.

Oh well. I guess if the game takes off and lots of people play it I’ll join in. Let’s see how it goes!

Have fun everyone.

Well, this is Battleborn, not Borderlands ^^

Haha, the name is so similar I messed that up too.

I doubt this is intentional, contact Battleborn support here

Hopefully they can help you with this.

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Nah, they specifically said you had to have played it. I never played a match. I logged in, downloaded all the patches, had it installed for quite a while. I’m not a “true founder” (scottsman fallacy lol), those that stuck through it till the end.

It’s irritating to have bought it over a year ago, and have not been able to play it because of my backlog, a PC that couldn’t run directX 10 for a long time, and life cir■■■stances, but I’m just a bit salty missing out.

I even made this account many months ago because I was waiting for it to go Free to Play so I could start out fresh when I had all I needed to play it, because of how many people said the game wasn’t friendly to new players because of the pre-made stomps.

I’m happy for those who got it though, they deserve it.