That moment when

Come on guys, how many times have you glanced in the distance after clearing out a mob, and you see that glorious Orange glow, distinct from the usual and common yellow glow you get…

Only for it to be a yellow money drop lined up perfectly with a red health drop, creating the illusion of a Legendary…



Yep…been there. Just happened yesterday when I killed a tubby, because you expect an orange of course. so I was disappointed twice…when I saw my orange drop was really yellow + red AND when I realized it dropped nothing of value.

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Literally the same exact scenario that just happened to me! :slight_smile:

All. The. Time.


The weird light on the dahl chest in caustic caverns makes me think a manky blue is a pearl sometimes.

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I find the same thing in Marcus’ storage room and the Captain Scarlett treasure room as well. Actually, there are a few spots like that.

Yes to both, I think it’s purely the background lighting being a bit dark compared to the rest of the game, makes run of the mill crap look like treasures :smiley:

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The other places that have an odd effect on certain loot spike colours are ice surfaces. It’s even more extreme in Battleborn - in the final arena for the Algorithm, it can be almost impossible to spot anything on that floor!

Yeah, Sometimes it’s hard to see a Hornet when killing Knuckledragger, etc.

all the time especially after afew rounds in the BarRoom, heck theres times I even see a Pearl and have to back track a find out it’s just two colors that lined up perfect

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You have to think they designed it to do that on purpose :smiley:

The fish in Wedding Day Massacre…:scream:

or when a blue and a green mix itself to look like a pearl xD

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I’ve had some pretty convincing seraph spikes, only to realise they were bleached out health vials.

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Legendary money…



When he finds out who is responsible for it…



I don’t know how many of you use Dahl booster shields, but I get false positives for Pearlescents all the time if I lose track of them.



When you farm for hours for something, finally get a drop… and it’s worse than the one you were trying to replace. :angry:


This happens to me all the time when playing Sal. I’ll see an orange out of the corner of my eye, swing around, then realize it was just a money drop seen through the lens of his 'zerker vision. :frowning:

'Zerker vision in Caustic Caverns in the mine cart tunnels was always a nightmare on 360. It always seemed like the colour plummeted to 3 bit… Haven’t tried it on the XB1 yet; I sure hope it isn’t as bad there.