That new DLC FL4K Class Mod (Potential Spoilers!)

What does everyone think of the new class mod coming out for FL4K with the DLC?
Any build ideas?


How many stacks? What percent?.. since megavore can crit every shot of multi projectile weapons the boost could be massive; if it acts like the 1% annointment it can be extremely lackluster

I don’t know how good this mod can it be.
GBX already explain that the team is trying to not focus Fl4k on the crit build so…it will probably not stack that mutch.

That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, it has the potential to be very good but we just don’t know the details yet :grimacing:

I think you could play this build with a brainstormer only : it is the best weapon to refill your action skill cd and also the best one to get the most crits.
Maybe get a bangstick for bosses as you won’t be able to proc the bolts against one enemy.
I could immagine a green-blue build for this mod, with only the necessary points in the red one to get the cd refill.

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Something along this line.
If the mod doesn’t give enough damage, a green - red variant will be better, with only 2 points in the actionn skill duration skill.

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New Fla4k class mod remind me so much of BL2 Zer0 cap stone Critical Ascensi0n.

Critical Ascensi0n
Scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle increases your Damage and Critical Hit Damage with Sniper Rifles. This effect can stack up to 999 time. Stacks slowly decay if you haven’t scored a critical hit in a while.

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It’s more like aurelia “never miss”.

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It’s going to depend on how much damage it gives, and how it interacts with multi pellet weapons.

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do ricochets that miss count against the critical multiplier? any idea?

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It sucks I got a pretty good roll and ran a full fade away crit build against Graveward my damage was ■■■■ against it without ASE anoinments which was then more of the anointment doing damage than mod.

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