That one Legendary you keep getting in Story

Symbiotic Gauntlet


Vow of vengeance. I’ve gotten 3

Firmware Upgrade 1.51c. I’ve sold more of them than I’ve gotten purples. NOT exaggerating, either. Sold a max-stats one the other day, because I already had a max-stats one and needed the room in the bank.

I farm up my toons mostly on missions 1 and 2, to open up the whole helix, before moving along with them. So yeah, I’ve played a LOT of The Algorithm. Easiest/quickest path to rank 15…


Frickin quartermastery bin

And I still can’t get a max stats version of this one, either!

I’ve gotten Time Killers out the wazoo, too. Probably 5 or 6.

Stupid RNG.

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:7, topic:1540808, full:true”]Stupid RNG.

I actually have a theory about this.

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Firmware Update 1.51C

I got two drop in the same game once


Same here! Two dropped from Geoff in the same kill! It was nuts.

Apparently that has been happening a lot lately.

Ah, forgot about Firmware Update, that thing drops a lot too.
I’ve sold 8+ of 'em definitely, many of them perfect stats.

Super jelly, I want it max stats, but all I get is stable executioner. I’ve gotten 9 stable executioners in the past week trying to get vow of vengeance max stats.

It be raining legendaries!!! 4 in a row. 2 wrenches, a helmet and a really nice shield generator. Now if i can figure out what the hell to do with it

Symbiotic Gauntlet, kept getting max rolls while farming for a max roll Vyn’s Quiver.

Edit: And the Mag Daemon, ugh farming for the Boots of the Brute was a pain in the arse lol.

Out of curiosity, how many Guardian Shieldbreakers and Chrono Keys have you gotten?

Two or three Chrono Keys, never gotten the shield breaker. I’ve been farming advanced for a Vigilance Link but still keep getting Symbiotic Gauntlets from Arc lol :confused:

2-3 Keys without getting a Vyn’s Quiver makes sense based on my theory. Getting a bunch of Symbiotic Gauntlets but no Guardian Shieldbreaker really deviates heavily from it. I’ve gotten something like 10 Guardian Shieldbreakers and only 3 Symbiotic Gauntlets, which, if the drop rate is equal, is statistically really unlikely but doesn’t grok with your Shieldbreaker/Gauntlet experience. How many SGs have you gotten (the loot table for the Guardians is only 2 so it’s easier to get “upsets”)?

Lost count. I’ve got 30 odd completions on The Sentinel, plus all the farming runs where I suicided (no idea how many that was) I’ll take a stab and say around 8 maybe. When I first got it I was like OMG I GOT IT but when it rains it pours eh they just keep dropping :confused: It’s by far my most common legendary drop.

[quote=“Slif_One, post:19, topic:1540808, full:true”]It’s by far my most common legendary drop.

That is very strange because Guardian Shieldbreaker is by far my most common legendary. Song of Vigor is close, but Shieldbreaker is still several drops ahead.

I’ve been trying to figure it out too, why does X drop more often than Y and why have I never gotten Z, but there seems to be no formula beyong RNG, which sucks because I and some of the people I’ve been playing with have been theorising on ways to influence the drops or drop rates but we’re still at nothing after extensive testing :frowning:

When you start getting to double digits of a specific drop and none/just a couple of the single other drop on that loot table, it becomes increasingly improbable that the RNG is fair and the drop design isn’t somehow heavily skewed. However, having different items being the major deviation creates problems in explaining it.