That one Legendary you keep getting in Story

I’ve been trying to figure it out too, why does X drop more often than Y and why have I never gotten Z, but there seems to be no formula beyong RNG, which sucks because I and some of the people I’ve been playing with have been theorising on ways to influence the drops or drop rates but we’re still at nothing after extensive testing :frowning:

When you start getting to double digits of a specific drop and none/just a couple of the single other drop on that loot table, it becomes increasingly improbable that the RNG is fair and the drop design isn’t somehow heavily skewed. However, having different items being the major deviation creates problems in explaining it.

Lucky me! I am getting blacked out legendaries to drop…they don’t work in game. Can’t tell you how depressing it is to get a legendary only to go to your vault and see it blacked out and unable to use in game…

Just got two more this week
Vigilance Link
Voxis Core

This happening to anyone else? Are they patching these???

[quote=“cglass10, post:23, topic:1540808, full:true”]This happening to anyone else? Are they patching these???

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re going to be re-enabled with the big patch either this or next week, which is going to be nerfing them into sensibility (Voxis core is probably only gonna work with ST attacks; Vigilance Link and One-4-All Shield Array are probably going to no longer stack with copies).

I actually stopped playing the Open Beta because I got one back then and I didn’t want to have anymore drop that I wouldn’t be able to keep, but even when the real game came out…I just kept getting more :neutral_face:

I think I have everything from The Algorithm now though so it’s all good :sunglasses:

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Yup. I was sitting there thinking, “I get duplicates a lot, but none stand out,” and then I read your post. It was the first legendary I got and I have gotten at least one a week since release.

Vyn’s Quiver.

I may be addicted. I get about 4 a week, maybe more. But then, I play that mission A LOT. Farming up toons to rank 15 in solo PvE, it’s easier on missions you know. And we’ve been playing THAT one since CTT…

Played that mission once tonight. Again, only Geoff dropped me a legendary. AGAIN, it was THAT one. Not even CLOSE to perfect, so that’s just more credit in the account I suppose…

I get the Blissbeast Skullplate and the Stable Executioner pretty often, even before the buff to drop rates.

Quatermastery bin and Timekiller. Actually I almost always get one legendary per [mini]boss in Saboteur. Took me a few tries to get the one I really wanted though :stuck_out_tongue:

Software Update

Veil manipulator/long goodbye

Vow of Vengeance

Symbiotic Gauntlet /Stolen Edge

Bola’s target finder

The modernista/quartermastery bin/Boots of the Brute

Rendain has never dropped anything for me…;(

The opposite for me man, I keep getting the Bunker Buster. I’ve only played The Algorithm (and every other episode) on Advanced but I wonder if playing it on normal will increase my chances of getting the Henchman Capacitor?

ISIC Firmware.

I got another Henchman’s Capacitor last night, too. Another non-max-stats. I just can’t escape it!

On the bright side, I finally got that jerk Grall to give up some Boots of the Brute. Max stats, too!

@Kitru linked upthread about some of what we know of the math behind the drops. Check it out, I don’t know if Normal/Advanced would increase likelihood.